How I Became a Coach, Started a Business, and Got Rich

SPOILER ALERT – I haven’t gotten rich yet. Comfortable, but not rich.

For now, the title is aspirational. But it’s not a lie – I will get there. I’ve never been more confident in my ability or more clear in what I want for my future… and how I will get it.

I’m going to share my story here from my background and where I came from to how I decided I wanted to professionally coach to how I’m building my business.

I want to share my story not only to hold myself accountable but also to motivate others that maybe think their ideas are crazy or feel overwhelmed by it will take to achieve them.

This post will be a continual work in progress and my plan is to post pretty regular updates about my journey and hope to inspire whatever path you are on.

Who the Heck Are You?

me with my dog betty
Me with my good girl Betty.

My name is Dustin Flick and I live in Frisco, TX with my wife Myra.

I’m a CFO for a local construction company and have been doing finance and accounting work in the Dallas area for nearly 14 years (which seems crazy long when I say it).

It’s taken a long time to get to this level of professional responsibility, but I feel I’ve earned it and am really engaged at work.

However, a few years ago I went through a depression and learned some things about myself that resulted in a commitment to build a business that allows me to commit myself 100% to helping people.

As I continue to write here, I will explain more about how I ended up starting this business and how it’s going.

2/11/21 – Need to Get Some Income Going

my hair loss treatment
My first content driven affiliate article.

As of today I’m still training to be a professional coach.

It’s taking a while as I’m working full-time and have a wife that’s expecting and a dog to take care of.

I need to get this business off the ground because my life just seems to get more and more hectic and crazy.

If I can’t get it figured out I’ll be to bogged down to life and tethered to my salaried job to ever go out on my own.

The plan is to start releasing some health and career content based on my personal experience and try to monetize it with affiliate deals.

It seems like it takes a few months for new content to get picked up by Google so more updates on this project might be at least a few weeks away.

Here’s the first content I’ve released: The Hair Loss Treatment That Reversed My Receding Hairline