How to Choose a Career

Choosing a job that fulfills you can seem like an overwhelming task. Often, people will choose the first job that hires them because they don’t hold value in their need to be fulfilled and gratified in the workplace. This leads

How to Negotiate a Job Offer

You’ve done it! You’ve followed all the steps to be the perfect job candidate and now you are getting job offers. It’s exciting and you might be tempted to accept the first person to contact you, but slow down! Your

How to Prepare for an Interview

As your job search progresses, you’ll eventually enter the interview stage, and hopefully with multiple employers. An interview is the beginning of a new relationship with a potential employer and although it may feel like you are being viewed under

How to Write a Cover Letter

So, you’re trying to find a job. You’ve searched the internet high and low for listings, built a great LinkedIn profile, professionally designed and organized your resume, and now your confronted with the task of creating a cover letter –

How to Write a Resume

Job hunting is stressful – we won’t deny that – but creating a resume that will work for your job hunting needs doesn’t have to be so hard. Creating a good resume comes down to understanding the differences in resume

How to Create a LinkedIn Profile

Job searching is a tedious and often disappointing task. The most important part of applying for a job is getting an interview where you can show off your personality and really make an impression. The problem is, you can apply

How to Find a Job

There are a lot of starting points when searching for a job. Maybe you’ve already decided which job you like to have but don’t know how to find an entry-level position. Maybe you know exactly what work environment you want