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You have worked hard to obtain your degree in accounting. Now that you are licensed, where do you go to find a job? There are several companies within the Austin area that will need the help of an accountant to get them through the year. In fact, you may be surprised to know who actually does require the help of an accountant. Keep reading…

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If you are ready to get started in your career as an accountant or if you just want to make a change and work for a different company, this article is going to help.

An accountant can make around $70,000 per year depending on where they work, if they are self-employed, and how many years of experience they have.

Types of Positions

Public Accountant

Once you have a degree in accounting, you may just want to open a shop on main street and be a CPA for local businesses and work for yourself. If you go this route, you can make around $65,000 per year just handling basic tax prep as well as business taxes on a regular schedule. You will be working for both private sectors as well as the public.

Financial Accountant

If you choose to keep track of the financial parts of a business, your duties will be including recording all financial transactions, summarizing them, and then adding them to a report that will go to your boss. You will also be in charge of creating and maintaining balance sheets, cash flow statements, as well as income statements throughout the year. You can make around $56,000 per year in this position. You will only be working for one company and you will most likely have an office inside of the company building.


If you like dealing with numbers more in depth and searching for flaws within the financial system, then an auditor position may be right for you. As an auditor, you will most likely go through financial data of a company to ensure that they have been following rules and regulations in paying bills and managing money for the company. If there are discrepancies, you will be able to spot them in your expertise. The salary for an auditor can be around $57,000 per year.

Pay Expectation

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, an accountant with a bachelor’s degree can expect to make up to $71,000 per year. The demand for accountants is ranked up there with the demand of someone in the health profession.


If you are thinking about a degree in accounting or if you have been an accountant but would like a change in your career, now is the best time to get started. Accountants are needed with almost any business and today, there are more businesses starting up than ever before, giving you an advantage in the accountant field.

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