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If you have a degree or a special skill set in the accounting department, you may want to look for accounting jobs in Baltimore. Accounting is not for everyone, so this specialized skill is in high demand for companies that are small, large, and in between. Every business must keep accounting records throughout the year, pay taxes, file year end taxes, and more. Without a good accounting system, the business will need to rely on an expert in the field. Keep reading…

New Baltimore Accounting Jobs

About Baltimore Accounting Jobs

Accounting positions are available to work in an office setting at one business, in your individual office located near or in Baltimore where you cater to more than one business, or from an office at home.

Example Positions

Staff Accountant

Requiring one-year experience and one-year experience in Microsoft Excel – Up to $35/hour

In this position, you will work in an office setting and remotely throughout the week. This position is part time only in a flexible setting so you can tend to children or work around others schedule in order to be dependable and able to concentrate on the tasks at hand.

Accounting Associate – Full Time Position

In this position, you will work full time in an office setting. You will be responsible for creating and maintaining fiscal as well as other accounting functions using a variety of program components. You will also assist others in this department with accounting operations that will also include payroll.

Seasonal Tax Return Preparer – Part Time/Temporary

In this position, you will be responsible for preparing taxes at the end of the year for businesses as well as individuals. You will be responsible for working in programs such as QuickBooks, Microsoft Excel, and Word, as well as the companies individual tax software program.

Job Search

There are three ways to find an accounting job in Baltimore. If you are interested in leaving your current job or if you want to find a part time job in accounting, here are a few ways to do so.

  1. View online job boards to search for an accounting job in the Baltimore area. These job boards are great for keeping up with the most current jobs available in the area. These accounting jobs could be part time, full time, or temporary.
  2. Contact a staffing agency or a temp agency to find an accounting job in the Baltimore area. The agency will take care of locating a job that you are qualified in and will contact you with more information when a job becomes available.
  3. Start your own accounting business from a home office or an office within the Baltimore area and then start advertising for clients. You can work exclusively for one or two businesses or you can branch out and work for several individual businesses if your schedule will allow.


If you are an accountant and you need a new job, your job search won’t last long until you find the job you want to do, even if it is working for yourself.

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