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For all of you who are wondering about the jobs that are in the accounting field, you should know that there are many specialties in this field, but we can mark four major areas in this field and those areas are corporate accounting, public accounting, governmental accounting, and forensic accounting. Depending on the area you’re interested in, you can choose one of of many possible jobs. Some of the possible jobs in the accounting area are auditor, budget analyst, accounts payable specialist, tax accountant, or forensic accountant. Of course, there are some required qualifications that you need to hold to start your career. Keep reading…

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Given that the accounting field is big and diverse, it is understandable that there are a huge number of open positions in this field. So, just in Boston, Massachusetts, at this very moment, there are more than 1,700 open positions for various jobs related to accounting.

For example, Oxfam America has an open position for Accounting Specialist, and Bain Capital is looking for an Operations Associate. The Dept. of Housing & Community Dev. has an open position for Accounting Manager, and if you would like to start a job as Financial Analyst, there is an open position at Public Consulting Group. A position for Head Account Clerk is open at the Juvenile Court Department, and the US Department of Justice is looking for an Auditor.

All these positions that we have mentioned here are looking for full-time employees. But, if you don’t have any previous working experience, you would be glad to hear that there is something for you too in this area. If you don’t have any previous working experience in this field, you can apply for a position at Procter & Gamble, because they are looking for a worker in finance & accounting and it is a six-month Internship.


Salaries in the accounting sector varies, depending on different factors: the company you’re working in, your level of education, the working hours, etc. But we can say that the average salary in Boston, Massachusetts, for accounting jobs, is about $80,000. Salary ranges can vary widely depending on the actual position requiring. So, the salary for somebody who is in a high position in accounting can even go up to $500,000.

Employee Feedback

According to the ones who had the chance to work in the Accounting area, there are various benefits of working in this field. The chances for career advancement are huge, and it is easy to move forward, of course, if you work hard and give your best. The employees from this field usually have the opinion that they are well-paid for the job that they do. Salaries are satisfying, and there are also additional benefits, depending on the company you are working in.

Giving that some of the jobs in the accounting area are pretty old, some people think that the accounting career is a dying career. But we must say that is not completely true. Accounting is not dying, although, it has changed. It has embraced new ways of doing things. There are new methods and techniques in this area, which means that if you choose to do some of the possible accounting jobs, you will constantly be learning new stuff.

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