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Before deciding you want to be an accountant you should decide if it is the right fit for you. As a CPA you will perform audits, prepare, and assess financial statements, and prepare tax returns among other things. You also must be good at dealing with your customers, whether that be a corporation or an individual filing their taxes, communication and good people skills are essential. Becoming a CPA takes on average 6-8 years, so it is important to decide if this is the career you want to pursue before getting started. Keep reading…

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To become a successful accountant you should look into getting your CPA (Certified Public Accountant) license. Although this requires more schooling and certifications than some other accounting positions, you will have many more opportunities and room for advancement if you have this license. The first step to becoming a CPA is obtaining your bachelor’s degree, ideally in an accounting or finance related field.

You may also want to choose a specialty which will help you stand out as an expert in your field. Some options for specialization are taxes, auditing, or corporate accounting, along with many more. Once you have chosen your specialty and received your degree you will need to pass the CPA exam and work under a licensed CPA for 1800 hours before you can become a licensed CPA.

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There are endless companies looking to hire accountants, but everyone wants to work for a good company who pays and treats their employees well. Intuit has high levels of job satisfaction across all of their employees. The company was founded in 1983 and has grown using their mission of “powering prosperity around the world.” They are a great company to work for, as they state, “Our culture and entrepreneurial spirit have earned us a spot-on Fortune’s “Best Companies to Work For” year after year, as well as many other recognitions across the globe.”

Intuit pays CPA’s an average of $63,000 a year in Charlotte. Some of the benefits that are typically included with this job are paid time off, 401k match, and health insurance. The interview process at Intuit typically takes about a week or two and most people reported that their interview process went well. The questions were about average in terms of difficulty although some reported that the questions were more personal than they expected.

Employees also love the insurance program, the bonuses that they hand out to those who excel at their jobs, and stock options that are provided by Intuit. Reviews stated that management was knowledgeable and helpful. That support was always available when needed and that employees are treated as valuable members of the team.


Becoming a CPA takes time and a lot of hard work but if you enjoy working with numbers and people then this might be the perfect job for you. Choosing the right company with upward mobility, coupled with the training and support needed to get you there, is crucial but once you find the right fit you will be set in a great career with lots of options for your future.

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