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Accounting is a popular field to get into, especially in today’s work environment when many businesses are able to downsize and hire people to work from home. An accountant does more than make the numbers balance at the end of the year at tax time. Accounting jobs can include budget analyzer, auditor, accounts payable, tax accountant, forensic accountant, and more. There are a variety of jobs that an accountant can accomplish, depending on the individual’s interest. Keep reading…

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Accounting positions are very much in demand today and the future outlook of accounting is positive. Every agency, organization, small business, large business, agency, or individual needs an accountant at some point during the year.

Different Fields

If you are into accounting, there are four fields that you can work in:

Public Accounting

Which can include enrolled agent, tax preparer, cost estimator, tax accountant, forensic accountant, tax attorney, and real estate appraiser

Management Accounting

Track and analyze financial information internally using a certain method which includes designing, implement, and manage internal management in order to approve overall performance management and strategic management.

Government Accounting

Responsible for keeping and managing financial records for many government agencies. They also provide financial accounting, tax accounting, as well as any other accounting duties needed within the government agencies.

Internal Accounting

Accountants in the internal agencies will examine finances of all organizations to ensure that totals and figures add up. They will be able to identify any mismanagement of finances and improve the overall spending of all finances in order to decrease the amount of money that is wasted.

Example Positions

Staff Accountant with Ilitch Holdings

In this position, you will manage finances and keep records for clients of organizations and agencies as well as individuals.

Junior Accountant for Infotree Service, Inc

Work with others to balance books, determine how to approach the new quarter in a conservative way, work with a team to ensure that taxes are done correctly.

Senior Accountant at George Johnson & Company

In this position, you will make sure that client’s financial statements are accurate and meet regulatory requirements as well as business requirements.


If you are good with numbers, accounting is a great career field to be in. You don’t have to know it all, but you need to know how to make numbers add up to balance every book, every agency, and every quarter possible.


With an accounting degree, your possibilities are endless. You can work for so many companies, organizations, individuals, or even work for yourself. Now is your time to find a job that you will enjoy working at every day. With an accounting degree, you don’t have to settle for a job to make money; you can work at a position you will enjoy.

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