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Accounting is a profession that continues to be in demand. If you own a business, you will need an accountant. If you are responsible for taxes, you will need an accountant. Accountants are also needed when there is a settlement of someone who has passed away to ensure that all bills and responsibilities are paid. Keep reading…

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About San Diego Accounting Jobs

An accountant is not an entry level position; you must have some form of education in order to be able to work in this profession.

There are many different responsibilities that fall into the accountant profession which includes:

  • Handling financial information that a company hand over to them. You can work as a private accountant which makes it possible for you to work with several companies or you can work in-house for a firm that accepts outside clients.
  • An accountant is responsible for performing financial analysis, managing tax forms, and making sure that the company’s money is being handled correctly.
  • Other job duties performed by accountants include data entry, working with computer programs, analyzing figures, being competent with numbers, researching, management, and handling corporate accounts.

An accountant must possess job skills that include working well with others, being self-motivated, having great organization skills, being accurate on numbers, being able to keep client information confidential, and paying close attention to details.

Accountant Jobs in San Diego

Accounting Assistant for San Diego Community College District – Full Time

In this position, you will perform clerical duties, go over policies with clients, be able to operate basic office equipment, review files, record client information, and manage the schedule book. You will also need to maintain general office files and records as needed.

Accountant for the City of San Diego – Full Time – Benefits included

You will be responsible for performing revenue audits, maintaining accounting records, analyzing records, performing accounting work, and updating files.

Forensic Accountant for Addleman & Associates – Full Time

In this position, you will be in charge of preparing gross cash flow support, working with balance sheets, doing business valuations, being knowledgeable in stock options, handle real estate apportionments, oversee pension plan allocations, and more.

*Staff Accountant for Hyatt – Full Time

In this position, you will be responsible for overseeing all functions assigned to you, review and analyze general ledgers, handling cash, managing A/P functions, writing journal entries, handle month-end closings, assist with end of year tax preparation, and more duties as assigned.

Working in your Profession

It’s important that you choose a job that offers the work you want to do with your degree. You worked hard for that license and your work should make you happy.


If you are an accountant, you have so many options. You can work for yourself or work for a firm. You can even work for a private company handling all of their tax and accounting needs.

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