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A company such as Amazon needs no introduction. It is the largest retailer of products and is responsible for almost 50% of all online sales in the United States alone. Amazon has offices in many locations and employs a large chunk of the population. If you are looking for Amazon jobs in Austin then keep reading to find out all about this company. Keep reading…

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About Austin Amazon Jobs

Amazon was founded in 1994 and ever since then it has seen exponential business growth. The CEO is Jeff Bezos and he has made Amazon be all about the customer. They offer a customer experience one will not find anywhere else. This is why Amazon is one of the top companies in the United States. They have an office in Austin as well, the capital city of Texas. You will always find a job opening as it employees a lot of people in this city.

Office Information

The Amazon office in Austin is located at 11501 Alterra Pkwy. The location is state of the art and is huge as well. After all, it does employ 5,600 people in Austin and their office space matches this capacity. The office is spacious and always has natural light coming in as it is located inside a glass building. It is an ideal choice for people who love to work in a corporate office.

Job Roles And Responsibilities

Before you decide to apply to Amazon you need to understand the kind of jobs they have available. The company is always hiring. However, this doesn’t mean you will easily get the job as competition is fierce. Here are some popular jobs that you can do at Amazon:

  • Software developer
  • Operations, IT, and support engineering
  • Solutions architect
  • Project/Product/Program management
  • Data science
  • Hardware development
  • Systems, quality, and security engineering

These are some of the largest categories of Amazon jobs in Austin. Responsibilities vary between jobs as it depends on what you do and how qualified you are. For example, someone in data science will be responsible for the management, analysis, collection, and visualization of data. On the other hand, a product manager will oversee all operations related to the product being made. So, your responsibility depends on the role you are performing.

Employee Experiences

Amazon provides health insurance, employee discount, retirement plan, paid time off, and much more. So, the general level of happiness of employees is high. They feel that they are being fairly compensated for the task that they are supposed to do. However, many people only suggest it for temporary work as the company has a reputation for overworking its employees. Of course, not everyone has this opinion but many feel this way. So, if you like working a lot then you will thrive here. If you are looking for Amazon jobs in Austin and you some level of expertise in the roles mentioned above then you may easily find a job. You just have to be willing to work hard for long-term success in this organization.

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