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Working for a company that has a good reputation is very important. A good reputation means security for you in many ways; the company has a good outlook with the public, the company obviously has a good standing with employees, and new positions means that it continues to grow. Amazon is one of those businesses that continue to grow. If you live in Boston, you will find that Amazon has different positions that could match your skill set. Keep reading…

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About Boston Amazon Jobs

Before you visit other job sites, check out Amazons job listings first to see if one fits what you are looking for. Amazon offers benefits with their employees and the pay is higher than many other companies with room for advancement.

Benefits at Amazon

It’s important to consider what a company has to offer you if you choose to work there and are offered a position.

Some benefits offered at Amazon include:

  • Medical insurance for you and your family. Benefits can start as early as the first day of employment.
  • Competitive wages as well as on-time paychecks that you can count on
  • Advancement opportunities within the company
  • Employee discounts
  • 401(k) savings
  • Time off with pay
  • An active position if you prefer not sitting at a desk all day.

How to Apply at Amazon

The hiring process if fairly simple. You will first need to view all the positions that are available in Amazon located at Boston.

First, view online job boards like this one: , , or and search for Amazon jobs in Boston. You can also visit the jobs listing available on the Amazon website at .

Examples of Amazon Jobs in Boston

Amazon Locker Team Member

You will receive packages and keep them in an orderly fashion for customers to come by and pick up. You will need to help customers as they come into the store if they need assistance retrieving their package. You may be asked to close or open the store as well.

Software Engineer

In this position, you will be working hard to solve problems. You will also be a part of a team that works to solve issues and prevent issues as needed. You will also be expected to participate in discussions and communicate with Amazon stockholders as needed.

Manager, Alexa NLP

In this position, you will manage a team. Your duties include day-to-day activities within your team, manage project plans and handle reports, be able to prioritize, respond to country and regional stake holders.


Working in a job that offers perks to their employees is important. When you find a job that you actually like doing, you will want to get up and go to work and you will do your best at it too.

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