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The tech, shopping, and merchandising giant that is Amazon already has a dominant presence in Dallas, Texas but is working towards expanding within the city, particularly in its technology sector, a part of a nationwide expansion campaign. The company will generate 600 new jobs at the Dallas Tech Hub, which will support a wide variety of Amazon endeavors including Amazon Web Services, Amazon Retail, and Amazon Devices. Keep reading…

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About Dallas Amazon Jobs

In addition to 600 projected new jobs, there are approximately 130 open tech and managerial positions for Amazon in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Amazon already has 13 fulfillment centers in Dallas and neighboring cities and has generated over 43,000 jobs across Texas. Additionally, it has an established corporate presence with tech headquarters in Dallas that it intends to expand.

Roles & Compensation

Amazon spans a wide variety of jobs available to a wide variety of career paths and experience levels. Its upper-level technology positions referred to by the company as “architects” typically require an advanced engineering or software development degree and over ten years of software development experience for leadership roles. Even lower-level software engineering positions require approximately 5 years of experience at a minimum. These positions make an average of $200,000 annually.

Managerial positions, like area or operations managers in Dallas, make a little bit less than $50,000 annually not including annual bonuses. These jobs manage broader warehouse and distribution operations and typically require management experience to qualify. At lower-level positions that do not require any qualifications beyond a high school diploma, Amazon starts employees as a base wage of $15 hourly except for delivery drivers that start at $16 hourly and require a commercial driver’s license. While comparatively low when one considers the six-figure salaries of software engineers, these wages are still over double the Texas minimum wage of $7.25 hourly.

Employee Feedback

Employee reviews of the company at all levels commend Amazon’s benefit packages for full-time employees, although there are definite perks to having an upper-level position versus one that pays an hourly wage. Reviews from software engineers and other technologically or management-oriented positions have overwhelmingly positive perspectives of the company. Waged workers express some distaste for the long hours required of them for comparatively low wages and a sometimes-oppressive culture of productivity that derives from management. Still, they acknowledge that Amazon pays a lot better than other positions with similar qualifications and are generally appreciative of that.

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