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DC is a city of opportunities and big companies. Companies like Amazon find DC as a strategic position. Keep reading…

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Amazon is an international company founded on the 5th of July 1994. This company focuses principally on E-commerce, Digital Streaming and Artificial Intelligence. It is one of the largest E-commerce companies in America and thus has the highest employment rate among other E-commerce companies. Amazon is located in most cities of the USA, even DC.

Job Titles and Responsibility

About 50% of the job titles in DC are tech related because Amazon’s web service headquarters is located in DC, although there are also a few warehouses present. Job titles come in levels, the higher your job level at Amazon, the higher your job title and responsibility. There are a wide variety of job titles that are available at Amazon, depending on your qualification and capabilities. From the warehouse keeper to the logistics manager, from the soft ware engineer to the general manager or regional director, every worker has a role to play. Amazon in DC also employs full-time and part-time workers, this means that you will always find a job that fits your qualification and schedule.

Job Statistics

Amazon is known to always have a positive impact on the community because of a lot of reasons including high employment rates. Some of the total turnover rates experienced in other companies in DC may be due to the fact that workers prefer working at Amazon. About 200,000 workers are hired yearly during the season holidays alone for better efficiency. The income levels are dependent on the job level of each employee. On an average Amazon pays ranges from $12.52 to $32.50 per hour, while the highest paying jobs earn about $150,000 to $160,000 per year.

Employee Feedback

Some employees would rather leave their workplace to work for amazon because of better pay and increased benefits (especially the tech guys). Over the years Amazon has built reputation and good standards for itself, this makes it really easy to attract workers, not just workers but the best of the best. Most employees are satisfied with their job in that they show immense dedication and diligence so they can produce good results. However, some find their jobs less adventurous, always having the same routine, while others find it physically draining and time-consuming.


Amazon is fast-growing and taking everyone along on their way to great achievements. Workers in DC are happy to be a part of the best e-commerce international company.