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Amazon is a well-known company that offers a variety of different products and services to people all over the United States. Amazon hires people to keep the business running. Positions can range from customer service to driving a heavy-duty truck to deliver products. Amazon placed locations throughout the US and they hire close to each location when a position becomes available. Keep reading…

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About Fort Worth Amazon Jobs

The Amazon location in Fort Worth Texas is 700 Westport Pkwy, Fort Worth, TX 76177

Over 800 reviews from former and current employees that work in Amazon located in Fort Worth giving the company an overall 3.7 – star review. This facility is opened 24 hours a day/7 day a week for better customer satisfaction.

Employee Experience

Employees working at Amazon are offered health insurance retirement plan, employee discount, paid time off, vacation time, and competitive compensation.

Temporary employees have access to some of the benefits offered to full time employees but not all of them.

Jobs Offered at Amazon

There are so many different positions available in the Amazon Family. You can search for a job in the area that you are more interested in. Some of the most common positions that you may see available from time to time include

  • Data science – searching and researching is an important part of Amazon
  • Software developer – the website is what connects Amazon to the customers. It’s important that it stays working and consistent at all times.
  • Warehouse worker – Filling orders takes several people in this Amazon location.
  • Amazon picker/packer – Each order needs to be picked off the shelf as it is ordered and carefully packaged in order to make it to the customer in the same condition as it was ordered.
  • Loss prevention specialist – when a custom isn’t happy with a product; they want to return it. This is a loss for Amazon because they have already paid the seller for the product. This cost Amazon money and it’s important to hire someone to analyze, research, and come up with a plan to avoid these losses.
  • Warehouse associate – Help in the warehouse is vital. There are several associates that work to fill orders
  • Maintenance manager – maintaining the building, the departments, even the trucks that leave the dock with product need to have maintenance every once in a while. Someone needs to schedule and keep track of these maintenance projects.
  • Delivery driver – part of this vital network includes deliver drivers that get the product to the customers.

Each position is important and needs completed in order for Amazon to fulfill each and every order from all customers. It may be a simple order or a complex order but they all are given the same amount of time from staff.

Because Amazon is opened twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week it takes many employees to keep things going at all times. Customers may call at 3 am or they may call at 3 pm. No matter what time it is, someone is there to answer the phone and determine what is wrong and come up with a solution to maintain customer satisfaction.

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