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Thanks to the sheer size of its population, Los Angeles is often on the shortlist for Amazon’s budding innovations and a choice location for new warehouses and other distribution centers that make Amazon a major employer in the area. In the past month alone, Amazon has opened new locations in Los Angeles for its AmazonFresh services and had reportedly been purchasing a slew of industrial real estate for the purposes of establishing new warehouses and distribution hubs. Keep reading…

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Amazon has a hefty technological presence in LA, meaning it employs an enormous variety of positions in the area ranging from warehouse workers and delivery drivers all the way up to software engineers and executives. While different subsectors of the company have been affected to varying degrees, Amazon as a whole has been largely shielded from the economic decline correlated with the COVID-19 pandemic; its business model makes it particularly well suited to a population working from home, and Amazon’s assets have continued to grow at a steady rate, meaning employees can also count on consistent employment. Current estimates suggest that Amazon’s LA tech hub employs over 400 people and that warehouse and other lower-level employees in the area number in the tens of thousands. 

Positions & Compensation

With this projected growth in mind, Amazon’s upper-level technology positions referred to by the company as “architects” typically require an advanced engineering or software development degree and over ten years of software development experience for leadership roles. Even lower-level software engineering positions require approximately 5 years of experience at a minimum. These positions make an average of $200,000 annually.

Managerial positions typically make just under $50,000 annually not including annual bonuses that tend to be linked to warehouse productivity levels. These jobs manage broader warehouse and distribution operations and typically require management experience to qualify.

At lower-level positions that do not require any qualifications beyond a high school diploma, Amazon starts employees at a base wage of $15 hourly except for delivery drivers that start at $16 to $18 hourly and require a commercial driver’s license. These positions include warehouse workers as well as associates at Amazon’s brick and mortar establishments like AmazonFresh and Whole Foods. For reference, the minimum wage in LA is also $15 hourly.

Employee Feedback

Employee reviews of Amazon in LA vary greatly depending on the rank of an employee’s position. At the top, which constitutes the realm of developers, marketers, and any worker making over $100,000 annually, reviews are almost exclusively positive. Employees report an excellent company culture and are extremely appreciative of their benefits. On a graded scale, employees in this sector give Amazon an A- overall. Among employees who make minimum wage or close to it in LA, they grade the company much more harshly, reporting unfair wages and poor working conditions that are not offset by the benefits they receive. These employees rank Amazon at a C+ in Los Angeles, a grade likely exacerbated by the high cost of living and a rate of pay that might not meet the needs of every worker.

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