Jobs & Pay Rates at Amazon NYC

Amazon employs approximately 8,500 employees in the NYC area including over 5,000 at its warehouses and fulfillment centers.

How Much Does Amazon Pay in NYC?

Here are the average pay rates for popular Amazon jobs around NYC:

  • Warehouse Jobs – $14.80 per hour
  • Entry Level – $18.48 per hour
  • Delivery / Driver Jobs – $22.64 per hour
  • Prime Jobs – $17.44 per hour
  • Work from Home – $26.23 per hour
  • Bookstore – $21.59 per hour
  • Seasonal – $15.48 per hour
  • Customer Service – $18.78 per hour

Hiring Now – Amazon Jobs NYC

About NYC Amazon Jobs

Let us ask you which organizations or companies came to your mind while reading the paragraph above? Well, let us take a quick guess. Is it Apple, Amazon, or Google? Because these three organizations have built an image so strong that now every graduate or non-graduate wants to become a part of these organizations. 

Working for Amazon

We have all heard how great of a company Amazon is due to its booming business.

Let us focus on what makes Amazon such a great employer:

Supportive Environment for Work

One major reason why Amazon is considered one of the best employers and an organization is that it provides the employees with a very supportive environment for work. It is particularly because the working conditions at the organization are very flexible. 

Great Opportunities

Another reason why Amazon is a great organization to work at is that the work there is monotonous for no one. No matter what your position or designation is, there are plenty of opportunities to grow and learn more and more each day. 

Great Management

One more factor that contributes to making amazon so great is their great management. There is no concept of micro management at Amazon. While there is supervision, employees have a lot of autonomy and freedom. 

Employee Feedback

All the employees working here or who have left for one reason or another are very satisfied with Amazon. They are happy with their jobs and hold Amazon responsible for making them love their jobs. If you are looking for Amazon jobs in New York, then do not worry as you will soon land a great job as this place is filled with employment opportunities. 

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