Jobs & Pay Rates at Amazon OKC

Amazon now employs over 4,000 workers in Oklahoma including an estimated 2,000 in the Oklahoma City area.

How Much Does Amazon Pay in OKC?

Here are the average pay rates for popular Amazon jobs around OKC:

  • Work from Home Jobs – $24.06 per hour
  • Warehouse / Fulfillment Center Jobs – $15.08 per hour
  • Part Time Jobs – $17.02 per hour

Hiring Now – Amazon Jobs OKC

About OKC Amazon Jobs

The most sought after benefits provided by Amazon include:

  • Financial Security
  • Health care available from the first day of work
  • Employee assistance
  • Time off
  • Employee stock awards

Typical Positions

If you live in the Oklahoma City area, then Amazon may have a job for you.

Here are a few positions that you can find with this company:

Warehouse Team Member: $15 per hour

As a full-time warehouse team member, you will have several positions that you will learn. They include Fulfilling orders by selecting products from the shelf, packing them, and shipping them to the customers. Customer returns: learn how to evaluate the condition of the items being returned, sorting them by whether or not they can be restocked, relisting them and creating a description that includes any flaws. At the delivery station, you will learn to be the final stop for orders before they are loaded onto the truck for delivery. You will determine if the order is full, if anything is missing, make sure that the invoice matches the original order, and then ship it out.

Full Time Assistant Manager: Pay to be discussed

Full time position – Must have a bachelor’s degree. In this position, you will work with the whole foods network, located throughout the United States to fill orders, and create solutions for better consistent deliveries to customers.

Loss Prevention Specialists: Pay to be discussed

Full time position – Must have a bachelor’s degree. In this position, you are responsible for preventing loss to the company and working on division to prevent returns and loss of money throughout all the processes of filling an order. Focusing on customer service is the number one goal. When customer service is right, the products are too.

Employee Reviews

Amazon has won a 3.9 star out of 5 possible star reviews from former employees leaving the company. Employees had listed pros as good benefits, insurance coverage offered on the first day of employment, stocks that you can buy into a discounted rate, employee discount throughout the company, and more. Cons included low pay for what they are doing, upper management not always successful in winning over the team.


Working for Amazon is going to give you a long career before retirement. You can advance within the company and do your best at your position in order to be successful.

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