Jobs & Pay Rates at Amazon San Diego

Amazon has a growing footprint around San Diego including recently added office space and a major new distribution center going up in Otay Mesa.

How Much Does Amazon Pay in San Diego?

Here are average pay rates for the most sought after Amazon jobs in San Diego:

  • Delivery / Driver Jobs – $23.12 per hour
  • Warehouse Jobs – $14.80 per hour
  • Bookstore Jobs – $18.02 per hour
  • Flex Jobs – $19 to $21 per hour

Hiring Now – Amazon Jobs San Diego

How Many Jobs Will Amazon Add in San Diego?

Amazon announced plans in 2020 to add 200 office workers over the following several years to the 500 tech workers it already had in the city. It also expects to complete a new distribution center in Summer 2021 which will create another 1,500 jobs.

About San Diego Amazon Jobs

If you have decided that Amazon is a place that you would like to work, how do you go about finding a job? This article is going to answer some of these questions.


The Amazon warehouse is located at 2727 Kurtz St. San Diego, CA 92110

This location has several positions that always need to be filled in order to keep the shipments flowing. They don’t just offer goods; they provide other services that are geared towards residences within the San Diego area.

Typical Positions

  • Warehouse Worker – Pack orders, double check the order before securing the box and loading it on the truck.
  • Truck Driver – Able to drive a heavy-duty truck to deliver packages from one place to another.
  • Fulfillment Center Management – In charge of the day-to-day activities within the warehouse – to fill every order in a timely manner.
  • Fulfillment Loss Prevention – When something doesn’t go right, and products disappear from the warehouse, it costs the company money.

Working for Amazon

There are perks to working for Amazon which include:

  • Financial – Amazon pays a higher hourly rate than the minimum wage. They offer full time positions, part time, and seasonal positions as well.
  • Amazon offers employees opportunity to buy stock in the company
  • 401k with 50% company match
  • Paid life and accident insurance
  • Financial counseling
  • Estate planning services
  • Short term and long-term disability insurance


Finding a job that you like and pays you to work there is hard to do but Amazon may be the answer for you. If you live in San Diego, applying for a job at Amazon may be the beginning of a new career.

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