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Apple is one of the biggest tech companies right now. It has revolutionized the market and brought many innovations during its time. It has locations all over the world and of course, there is one in Austin as well. So if you are looking for Apple jobs in Austin then don’t worry. We have all the information you need to apply there. Keep reading…

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About Austin Apple Jobs

Apple was founded in 1976 and ever since then, it has completely changed the game of technology. They started with smartphones and now they have a wide range of tech products to provide their customers with a well-rounded experience. The company makes more than $10 billion in revenue annually. So, of course, it has a wide range of jobs available all the time for people to fill. As of now the CEO of Apple is Tim Cook. The Apple office came to Austin in 1992.

Austin Locations

Apple offices are known as campuses. This is because they are extremely huge as they operate on a large scale. As of now, the location at 6900 W. Parmer Lane is under construction. This office will be operational after two years. However, the operational offices right now are located at Riata Crossing. The number of employees that Apple has in Austin is 6,200. This is their total staff and it plans to hire more as they expand to the new location.

Positions & Responsibilities

Apple jobs in Austin are diverse. However, the most common jobs you will find are:

  • Engineers
  • Developers
  • Information design and documentation
  • Management
  • Data scientists

Since Apple is a tech company it always has positions available in these categories. If you have expertise in any one of these categories then you will easily find a job in their office. Responsibilities vary between roles. So for example, if you are applying to an operations manager then your responsibilities will include leading a team and making sure the goals of the business are achieved. On the other hand, if you are applying to become a data scientist then you will be required to deliver business analytics, visualize data, analyze data, and automate insights. So the responsibilities will vary in each position depending on what you apply for.

Employee Experiences

Anyone that is employed at Apple is well-paid. So, in general, employees are happy because they are adequately being compensated for their work. Apart from that, they get many benefits too. This makes their life even easier. According to the opinion of employees, the balance of life and work is maintained as well. So they don’t have to sacrifice their leisure time to spend at work unless there is something urgent.

All in all, employees at Apple are satisfied with the pay, benefits, work environment, and everything else. There are always Apple jobs in Austin. If you have expertise in one of their openings then you can easily apply. However, you need to remember that the competition is fierce as it is one of the leading tech companies.

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