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New York is the world’s largest metropolitan city, with the world’s top businesses and companies residing within its vicinity. The need to be better, and the space to grow is readily available to those who wish to strive to be something great. One of the many great things about NYC is that it manages to grace anyone working hard enough to glimpse what they could be, thus motivating them to go for the stars. Keep reading…

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About NYC Apprenticeship

What is an apprenticeship? Apprenticeship is on the job training where you either get paid while training or train under the organization, company, or the people you wish to become a part of. It can be for any profession and any field of choice, so long as you finish the required training time and hours. 

More often than not, the training labelled “Apprenticeship” lasts from one to six years. Here, you learn all you need to know about the profession and make sure that you adopt your instructor’s qualities so you can implement them when you become a professional. 

The minimum age to start an apprenticeship is 16 years of age, along with a parent’s permission. This way, a contract states that the trainee will train under that employer and learn from them. 

Some Apprenticeship offers are as follows:

  • Technician Apprentice
  • Plumbing Apprentice
  • Union Apprentice Engineer
  • Software Engineer Apprentice
  • Medical Office Billing Apprentice

Requirements and Responsibilities

When you decide to become an apprentice, you give yourself up to the employer and are willing to learn anything. You let go of any ego and start from a blank slate, willing to become an eager student. The responsibilities of an apprentice are as follows:

  1. Willing to Learn and Develop Trade Skills: By doing so, you will learn how to develop skills in the trade of choice.
  2. Attend Training Classes Diligently: By always being on time and having perfect attendance, you show your future employer that you are serious about this and want to learn. 
  3. Follow the Rules and Procedures: Safety features are essential to know when becoming a part of the field. 
  4. Do Your Research and Homework: Always manage to do your research. Never rely on other people to tell you what is right from wrong. 

These responsibilities and requirements help turn you from an apprentice to an employee in the future. 

Job Statistics

With the way the world is functioning right now, the uncertainty has managed to create a level of worry in almost everyone’s mind. There are over 100 apprenticeship programs in NYC alone, and a majority of them are in the trades and manufacturing world. An increase in tech apprenticeship has been observed, and the question remains, will the tech industry welcome apprenticeship into the midst? 

Final Words

Apprenticeship is a beautiful way to teach the young and impressionable what the world is all about. To help mentor them and prepare them to step into a world consumed with competition and winning. Apprenticeship is the most crucial thing in today’s world when preparing the young generation for the world that awaits them. 

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