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A law representative who specializes in guiding and depicting the client’s civil liberties within the boundaries of law and order is known as an attorney or more commonly referred to as a lawyer. The law practice usually is initiated by counseling the client, followed by documentation, and finally advocating in court on the client’s behalf. Keep reading…

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About Chicago Attorney Jobs

It is no doubt a very tiring profession as an attorney is persistently on the go to meet the targeted dates. This type of work ethic often results in extension of the working hours and is more strenuous for lawyers who are on their own i.e. they are not dependent on the associates. Lawyers who work for well-established and renowned companies work for more than 40 hours a week.

Requirements for an Attorney Job in Chicago

  • Once you have completed your bachelor’s degree, individuals who intend to pursue law as a profession must get enrolled in an accredited law school to acquire a Juris Doctor (JD) degree. Prior to this, these candidates have to take the LSAT. This is an aptitude test that is imperative to take for admission in a law school since the selection of applicants is based on the marks achieved in the LSAT.
  • Attorneys must be associated with the bar association of Chicago to practice law in any private or public law firms of the mentioned state. To get admitted to the bar association the lawyers must ace the bar exam.
  • Besides the academic requirements, an attorney should also be apt and competent. He/she should be capable of communicating well both orally and theoretically, also the attorney must be able to think innovatively i.e. should be able to think of the solutions efficiently and critically.

Job Duties

The responsibilities of an attorney fluctuate depending upon the area in which the exercise law. The common and necessary roles of an attorney are as follows:

  • An attorney starts the case by counseling the client about the strengths and weaknesses or gains and losses of the legal action.
  • To make his/her client’s position stronger, a lawyer has to dig in some files and documents for research purposes.
  • Once the research and analysis are completed, the most crucial and significant role of an attorney is to develop proper case strategies that would not only be effective but will also be less costly. This particular role will also portray the skills and capabilities of an attorney.

Estimated Remuneration of Lawyers in Chicago

According to the US Bureau of labor statistics 2018, the remuneration or income levels of attorneys depend upon his work setting i.e. whether he/she works as a solo consultant or as an employee of a law firm. Comparatively, self-employed attorneys earn less.  Attorneys initiate their professional life by working as a subordinate for a law firm. After several years of hard work and consistency, they may even get promoted and can even make their way up to become the partners of the law corporation. The majority of the lawyers with years of expertise usually opt for a judgeship. Those who cannot stand the arduous work setting or find it monotonous, join law school faculties, which itself a very skillful job.

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