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Austin Community College started its educational journey in September 1973 with only one campus in Austin. Today, after 47 years of delivering quality education, ACC now has 11 campuses across Texas. Furthermore, ACC now accepts over 76,000 students annually in its 100+ fields. Keep reading…

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Austin Community College links fresh high school graduates to a bright professional career by providing its students with top-notch education and professional grooming. ACC not only educates its students but prepares them for the practical world that lies ahead.

Location and Information

The main campus of ACC is located on Fiskville Road in the city of Austin, Texas. The rest of the Campuses are located in various parts of the city and the state of Texas. You can reach the main office of the ACC on 512-223-700 or log on to their website and post a message or inquiry through their Contact ACC section.

Number of Employees

As of 2017, ACC has more than 300 professors, around 150 associate professors, close to 50 assistant professors and around 400 employees in the non-faculty departments. ACC has employed more than 400 people in the libraries, as custodians or in various educational services departments. It has around 200 employees working in its other multifarious departments.

Typical Roles and Responsibilities

ACC while providing its employees with great professional opportunities and helping them in achieving their career goals also has a set of roles and responsibilities that all the faculty members are required to fulfill.

Some of the points that the teaching staff is responsible for are:

  • To teach with purpose, passion and integrity.
  • To play their part in encouraging students co-operation.
  • To construct a comprehensive course outline and adhere to it while teaching.
  • To take into consideration every student’s unique talents, strengths and weaknesses and teach them accordingly.
  • To act not only as teachers but as guides for the students and advise them on their academic choices and career decisions.
  • Keep their course outline updated by staying informed of all the developments and innovations in their respective fields.

Not only the faculty but also the support staff plays a key role in the institute’s efforts to give their students a good learning experience.

Following are some duties that ACC expects its non-educational employees to acknowledge and respect:

  • Ensure the educational infrastructure is properly in place.
  • Endeavor to develop an environment to cultivate a healthy student-faculty bond.
  • Ensure the provision and of an interactive learning environment.
  • Make sure the students get hands-on experiences where required.
  • Make sure that no external or internal factors obstruct the path of knowledge and information.
  • Make certain the presence of all the learning tools at students’ and faculty members’ disposal.

Austin Community College Reviews

The students, alumni, faculty and non-faculty staff, all hold ACC in high regards. Working at ACC, Faculty members and other employees feel that they are never out of help. All the members are friendly to their colleagues and help each other out.

Employees of the college refer to the jobs at ACC as being free of extra stress. They also applaud ACC for its endeavors regarding the professional development of its employees. Employees comment on the work-life balance and say that ACC enables its employees to manage work and education side by side.

Students of ACC hail it for being affordable while providing many of the same facilities that expensive colleges do. The alumni of the university note how the faculty of ACC is very helpful and goes out of their way to help the students. From experience, they remark that the university offers all the resources to its students for them to achieve their academic and career objectives.

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