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Austin ISD is the fifth largest independent school district located in the city of Austin, Texas. It has 129 schools under its jurisdiction and more than 80,000 students and 5000+ teachers. With a mission to provide comprehensive education to every student, Austin ISD focuses on building an inclusive and positive learning environment in all its schools. Keep reading…

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About Austin ISD Jobs

The Headquarters of Austin Independent School District is located on Frontage road in the city of Austin, Texas. You can reach out to the HQs of AISD by calling at (512)4149187 or sending a text message on (512)8866434. AISD, in an aim to connect with families, students and the society provides its visitors with an interactive tool, Let’s Talk. You can submit your queries, complaints, feedbacks and compliments regarding the schools and the district by using it.

Number of Employees

Austin Independent School District currently has over 10,000 employees with over 5000 members of the teaching staff in its 129 district-wide schools. AISD has over 1700 people employed in the administration department. It also provides employment to more than 3000 people by hiring them as bus drivers, custodians and as members of the food staff.

Typical Roles and Responsibilities.

Austin ISD jobs provide people with an opportunity to make a positive contribution to society. They do this by exposing their employees to an environment that ensures that every single child graduates school as a better citizen of the society.

Austin ISD jobs require teachers to fulfill following fundamental roles and responsibilities:

  • The teachers should be passionate about their profession.
  • They should have a talent for imparting knowledge and building concepts.
  • The teachers should be committed to not only teaching but also towards positive character building of each child.
  • The teachers will have to work with every student according to their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Teachers must strive and build a healthy relationship with the students.
  • AISD requires teachers to ensure an interactive and safe learning environment by striving to stop bullying
  • Teachers are required to minimize physical and emotional abuse inside and outside the classroom.

Since students have multiple interactions with the school support staff during their school hours, hence AISD requires its support staff to fulfill the following roles and responsibilities:

  • Work to ensure an effective learning environment within the school and a safe environment outside the vicinity of the school.
  • Foster healthy and constructive relationships with the students to ensure a good school climate.
  • To strive and build an effective school infrastructure within which students can learn and grow.
  • To make sure that none of the students are being left out from mainstream activities and work to stop bullying.

Employee Ratings and Reviews

AISD employees note that working at AISD is an excellent opportunity to work as well as contribute towards the development of the society. The employees mention how the management and staff is co-operative and helpful. While at AISD, they always feel taken care of by their colleagues. The students of AISD observe that their school helped them achieve their goals. The students also express their satisfaction over the teaching faculty at AISD and say that their teachers have helped them throughout their journey.

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