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Finding a job in Boston is not that hard to do. Before you begin your search, there are a few things that you will want to figure out first. If you live in Boston, you will want to find a job close to your home, so you don’t have too much time traveling back and forth. If you don’t live in Boston, find out how you can make the trip back and forth more affordable. Keep reading…

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About Boston Jobs

Boston jobs are available in different fields so you will need to make a few decisions before you begin your search. Here are a few questions that you will want to decide on first.

Full Time or Part time

It’s important to know how many hours per week you can work per week. If you can’t work full time, 40 hours per week or more, then you will want to search for a part time job which is normally 30 to 35 hours or less per week.

What hours can you work?

If you can’t work during the day, you will want to aim your search toward night shift positions available.

What days of the week can you work?

If you can work any day available, then your search will be easier however if you can’t work weekends or you can’t work Sundays, then you will want to narrow your search based on this.

What benefits do you need/want?

Sometimes, a person will take a job just to have insurance coverage for him/her as well as their family. Is insurance a reason why you are looking for a job?

What certification, license, or degree do you have?

If you have a degree in a particular field, you will be able to narrow your search based on that field interest.

Full Time Positions

Here is an example of a couple of full-time positions that are available in Boston.

Program Assistant at Rogerson Communities – $24,000 to $67,000 per year

In this position, you will need to assist residents in their daily routine and activities, assist all staff in meeting care plan goals, collect medical information that is important for their daily health, lead activities that have been planned for them.

Human Resources – Global Healthcare, People Experience, and Analytic Manager – Pay $54,000 to $97,000 per year

You will be responsible for measuring and identifying potential risks as well as opportunities, lead employees in the development of the facilities, come up with solutions that creates a better employee experience in the work environment.

Part Time Positions

Here are a couple of examples of part time positions available in Boston.

Warehouse Worker for Fed Ex $13.00 to $15.00 per hour

In this position, you will be a part of a team with a goal to get packages that come into the warehouse on the right truck for delivery. Many businesses and homes rely on Fed ex to get good delivered to them when they need it the most.

Hospice Aide for Care Dimensions – $12.00 to $18.00 per hour

In this position, you will work evenings every other weekend from 3:00 pm to 11:30 pm. You will provide direct care to the hospice residents, be able to communicate with families, and comfort patients as well as other end of life care.


Jobs in Boston can be as rewarding as you want it to be. Finding a job may seem overwhelming but narrowing down your search will make it so much easier.