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Dallas, Texas is one of the top ten cities the United States to find a high quality, well salaried commercial driving job. Four of America‚Äôs main interstates converge in the city, making it a popular place for CDL companies to hire from. There is never a shortage of CDL jobs in Dallas, making one out of every ten residents a CDL driver! Keep reading…

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Nearly 12% of current job listings are for a CDL position in Dallas with roughly 200 or more available postings at any given time. This number does not account for the fact that most major CDL companies in the area are hiring year-round, especially for candidates who already have CDL experience, and that most CDL connections are made during training or informal meetings and thus never make it on to job postings.

One of the largest CDL employers in Dallas is Trans Am, with Myrtle Transportation coming in at a close second. Drivers report that Averitt and ACT have some of the best benefits and safety precautions, ensuring drivers get to be home every week and that most deliveries are no-contact.

The average salary for a CDL driver in Dallas is $52,000 annually but there are plenty of companies in Dallas who pay their employees more than that. An experienced driver can make much closer to or over six figures and CDL salaries go up exponentially for the first few years driving, meaning drivers do not have to wait long to enjoy the benefits of having a license. Since drivers are in such high demand, employers typically offer competitive benefits and salary, making Dallas an ideal place to find a CDL position.

Obtaining a CDL license in the city is also extremely accessible: Texas itself has over 70 CDL training schools and most of those are concentrated in or around Dallas. When considering scholarships, most schools cost roughly $1,000 in tuition to attend and most ensure a fast track into a CDL position after a student has received their license and opportunities to earn while training. Some of the most highly rated programs in Dallas include the Continental Truck Driver Training and Education School and the Roadmaster Drivers School of Dallas TX.

Overall, given the high availability of jobs and high earning potential, Dallas is a great city to be a CDL driver, whether you are in search of an entry level or veteran position.

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