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Since Charlotte is a major commercial hub and city in North Carolina, and the City of Charlotte itself hires a lot of people to maintain and further grow this amazing hub. In fact, the City of Charlotte itself has more than 7500 hires that take care of administrative tasks throughout the entire city. It delivers these services to more than 870000 residents. The main focus are neighborhood development, transportation and economic development. Keep reading…

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About City of Charlotte Jobs

The City of Charlotte is very open when it comes to the jobs that are available and the numerous different options that they provide to residents. In fact, its website makes it easy for you to pay a vast range of bills and services without even contacting anyone.

What type of jobs are provided by the City of Charlotte?

There are many different job options on the market, and new ones appear every day. Since the City of Charlotte is a vast employer in the public field, you will notice that they have all kinds of unique jobs. You have jobs like security operation managers, firefighters, deputy city engineers, equipment operators, safety coordinators, police communications and many others.

When it comes to the administrative tasks, these are performed from the main City of Charlotte offices. The regular duties are varied, based on the type of job. But for the most part, these are designed to implement new projects and plans, while also making sure that people from within the city receive all the necessary assistance and support. There are always challenges that appear, so it’s crucial for the hires within the City of Charlotte to bring in the necessary resolution and support to everyone. That really goes to show the focus on serving people and delivering them the best results.

What makes the City of Charlotte unique as an employer?

One of the main things to make the City of Charlotte stand out is their true focus on diversity. They hire everyone that has the skills needed to take those tasks to fruition. There are technical professionals, but also people that work within public safety, labor, trades and a variety of water sectors like road construction, planning, zoning, sewer and water services, among many others.

Here you don’t have to worry about discrimination or any other issues similar to that. It doesn’t matter what gender you have, your marital status, national origin or anything like that. You get access to a great workplace, while also being able to put your skills to work.

City of Charlotte employer reviews

The City of Charlotte reviews rate the employer with 3.5/5 stars. They are known for offering a great work-life balance, while also bringing in great benefits, like a 401k plan and pension. There are some downsides, with some of the most common ones being the large amount of red tape to deal with and some lack of communication from the upper management.

As you can see, the City of Charlotte is a great employer, but it does have its fair share of downsides. Thankfully, its focus on diversity and the fact that it has such a large range of different job opportunities all the time means it’s easy to find a job here. In many cases, you can even get training on the job, although some extra experience is always appreciated!

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