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Working for the city can have many benefits but finding an opening is not always easy and that’s because when an individual obtains a job with the city, they tend to stay a while. City jobs can have several perks that are worth a lot to an employee and they include typically higher pay than other jobs, health care, life insurance, vacation days and sick days that add up somewhat quickly, leave, and a nice retirement benefit. Keep reading…

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About City of Columbus Jobs

There are many different positions available within the city that need filled from time to time. When a job becomes available, the city maintains a current website that offers a link to all the positions that are currently opened. Once you click the link, they will take you directly to the job position.

City Positions

The city of Columbus brings a variety of jobs to the area. These jobs can include

  • Public Safety such as law enforcement, fire fighter, emergency medical technicians, traffic control officers
  • Public transport such as subways, trains, bus
  • Public health includes any professional who works with the public in the field of health care for the city, such as physicians and nurses
  • Public utility includes power, gas, phone, water and sewage, garbage collection

There are also other positions that work within the city, such as mayor, tax assessor, financial director, as well as parks and recreation.

Because of the benefits and the love of the work, city jobs can be difficult to obtain.

On average, a city employee in Columbus, OH can make $11.18 per hour or more. There are many different branches of city employees, each with their own standards of pay.

City Employee Experience

A majority of present and former employees at the City of Columbus, OH had good things to say about the company, such as a good work environment, good pay, good benefits, weekend and holidays off, and more. Some cons that were mentioned include a drawn-out hiring process which includes multiple interviews, background check, and more. According to, out of about 70 reviews, they city overall scored a 3.9-star. That’s not bad considering all the positions that are filled to make the city function as a whole.

Final Words

When working for the city of Columbus OH, you will find a rewarding position representing the location that you like the most. If you are looking for a city job that you can fit into with your expertise, then you should apply for a job here. Finding a position open is not difficult. Their website is very up-to-date and you will want to check back often for updates.

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