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The “Mile High City” of Denver, Colorado is quickly becoming one of the fastest-growing cities in the country, not only for its great economy for new residents but its thriving local culture and the opportunities it offers to residents. Keep reading…

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About City of Denver Jobs

One of the best things about Denver is its ability to be a mid-sized metropolitan area while having easy access to outdoor adventures of all types. Colorado is famous for its winter skiing, but Denver residents can also enjoy rafting, hiking, mountain biking, and camping during the warmer months without having to drive too far.

Even better, the City of Denver government makes residents a priority. Not only does the city have an excellent public school system but the city strives to support residents of all socioeconomic backgrounds and ensure access to jobs, housing, and support services for those who need it. Residents describe the city as very “friendly” and “supportive,” owing not only to the character of those who live in Denver but the city government.

Diverse Industries

There are a wide variety of positions available to those interested in working for the City of Denver. The majority of them are concentrated in administrative roles across a variety of departments, including the Department of Human Services, and a number of positions at the Denver International Airport. These jobs generally require a Bachelor’s degree or higher and 3-5 years of relevant experience to qualify for application.

A starting salary in City of Denver administrative positions, of which there are many, starts at roughly $60,000 annually but can be as high as $90,000 annually for a particularly qualified applicant. Lower-level positions at the city, such as janitorial or maintenance technician roles, still pay a favorable salary anywhere from $25 to $30 hourly, depending on the role and the experience of an applicant. Depending on the position, these roles can require various technical certifications or, in rare cases, an associate’s degree. 

Benefits and Feedback

The benefits of working for the City of Denver don’t end there – full-time employees enjoy flexible health, dental, vision, and life insurance packages as well as child care and paid time off in addition to other perks, like exclusive access to city fitness centers and career development classes. These benefits are definitely reflected in employee reviews of working for the City of Denver government. Many note the benefits and work-life balance as some of the best things about the job. To be expected, some employees note tension with upper management but a generally positive culture among coworkers that makes their jobs more enjoyable.

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