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It takes the hands of many people to run a city as large as San Antonio, Texas. Many of these jobs are never seen, these jobs are performed on a daily basis and they keep things going. For example, the water that runs throughout the city must be controlled and overseen by individuals who are trained to do so. If you want a long- term job that offers many benefits, then you may want to consider working for the city. Keep reading…

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About City of San Antonio Jobs

City jobs are added to the website as they become available.

You may find open jobs that include:

  • Accountant for Economic Development – full time $35,982 to $53,974 per year
  • Administrative Assistant I for Police – full time $16,25/hour
  • Animal Care Specialist for Animal Care Services – full time $17.65/hour
  • Assistant City Attorney I for City Attorney – full time $57,950 to $86,926 per year

Working for the City

Out of 316 employee reviews, the city of San Antonio made a 3.9 star. Many of the pros of working included the benefits such as pension. Some cons that were mentioned include not enough pay and not everyone worked well together.


The Benefit package on any job is important. These benefits include your pay, health and wellness, vacation and leave, retirement, and furthering your education. Pay of course is going to be the first thing that people will want to consider.


City pay is competitive and is normally based on your overall yearly performance.

Health and Wellness

This may include medical insurance, vision, and dental insurance. It also includes any life insurance the company offers, or you elect.

Vacation and Leave

This may include any annual or personal paid leave, short-term and long-term disability, paid holidays, six weeks paid leave for maternity leave, family wellness leave which allows you to attend wellness visits for you and your family as well as attending school functions for dependents or if you are volunteering.


A retirement plan with the city normally includes a nice contribution from the city that matches or exceeds your personal contribution.


This can include any paid training to perform your job or train for another position within the city, tuition assistance, and student loan payment program.

Apply Directly

If you think you may be interested in a city job in San Antonio, you can visit their website direct by logging in to this website . Once you are on the website, scroll down the right-hand side of your screen until you find Career Center. Once you click on those words, another page will open up giving you access to city job positions that are open. On that page, you have access to job descriptions as well as job alerts, so you won’t miss another opportunity to apply. You can also learn how to apply for jobs that are available and once you have applied, you can log back in at any time and check the status of the position.


The hiring process is a bit long when you apply for a position at the city of San Antonio and that is because they must run a background check and conduct more than one interview to make sure that the person, they hire is the right fit.

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