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Finding a job that you like and are qualified in is not always easy. The job market can be brutal at times; however when you have a specific skill set or degree, you want to stay within your abilities and interest. If a job is not interesting to you, it won’t take long until you dislike your position and dread every shift. Working for the City of San Diego has many advantages. Keep reading…

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About City of San Diego Jobs

City jobs can offer employees the opportunity to grow within their position. The pay is normally good, and the benefits are wonderful: insurance, retirement, vacation, sick days, holiday pay, and more. The City of San Diego, like other cities, tend to honor holidays and are closed for employees to celebrate with loved ones. The only city employees still working on a holiday would be those who in emergency positions where coverage is mandatory 24/7.

Types of Positions

There are many positions to fill and keep filled in the city. Jobs can be found online through a variety of job boards and local employer career portals.

Positions you may find include:

  • Recreational center dance instructor or therapeutic – These positions are available at the local recreational center in the City of San Diego. The hours are sometimes in the evening and on weekends so that services can be available to children and teens.
  • Pool guard and swimming pool manager – Adults and children of all ages can enjoy the pool as long as it is being maintained by a professional. No swimming is allowed without a pool guard present, so these positions need to be filled in order for the residents to fully enjoy their local amusements.
  • City attorney’s investigator – This position requires a professional investigator with a proven background to investigate and keep current on attorneys within the city.
  • Equipment operator for public utilities – From operating a bulldozer to running equipment, keeping public utilities going is vital in the function of the community. Utilities include water, sewage, and gas as well as other utilities managed by the city.


If you are hired by the city, you can be confident that you will be compensated for your position, which includes insurance, higher pay rates than standard, state minimum wage, retirement, paid holidays, and more. Sick days and vacation days can accrue to enjoy some much-needed time off when you are ready.


When it comes to jobs, you need to do what you like and what you have the skill set for. Working for the city is a good way to ensure a long-term career in a field that you like. The city is always going to need to hire professionals to help the city keep functioning. Whether you are young and just starting out or you are in your forties and you are making a career change, a city job may be what you are looking for.

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