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A part time job is sometimes offered by a company or professional that needs someone to work but not full time. They may work different shifts, rotate, pick up hours that a full-time worker would need off. Most part time positions are 30 hours or less per week. Keep reading…

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About Columbus Part Time Jobs

Part time work is great for those who need extra income, those looking to work closer to home, those who are trying to go to college to get a degree, or those who are working around their family’s schedule.

Pay can vary with a part time job. Some companies try to pay part time employees more on the hour due to the inconvenience of not being able to work full time on a permanent basis. Other companies will only pay minimum wage or a little above because it is a part time position.

Top Five Part Time Jobs that Pay Well

Some feel that they can make just as much money working part time hours for more pay than if they worked a full-time position.

Here are the top five part time jobs that pay well:

Part Time Bartender – Average Pay is $25/hour

A bartender can make a lot of money in a short period of time. The chosen bartender would need to provide high quality customer service while maintaining a safe environment for all who were there. They need to keep the bar clean and know how to prepare a good cocktail and mix drinks to customers.

Most part time bartenders need to be of legal age and have some type of bar tending education including certifications in order to sell alcohol.

Tour Guide – Average Pay is $29.50/hour

A tour guide must love what they do. Working part time, these guides can make on average almost $30 per hour. The main job duty for a tour guide is to show clients important areas or focal points along a set road, path, or trail. They must also be positive as well as enthusiastic when dealing with the public.

The only requirement for a tour guide would be to have an interest in what they are doing and have a driver’s license to drive people during the guide.

Phlebotomist – Average Pay is $32.00/hour

Not everyone is suited for this position but if you don’t mind the sight of blood, then this job may be for you. A phlebotomist must draw blood with a doctor’s order. After drawing the blood, they are responsible for labeling vials, and ensure that the lab gets the vials quickly.

The only requirement for a Phlebotomist is a license or certificate in pathology collections and a positive attitude when dealing with patients because no one wants to have their blood drawn.

Nanny – Average pay is $27.90/hour

If you like to work around children, then maybe you can consider being a part time nanny. Duties for a nanny include total care of a child or children during a specific time frame while the parents are not home. Nannies are responsible for organizing activities, cooking, feeding, bathing, creating and sticking to a daily routine, putting the child down for a nap, reading to the child, and other duties as assigned by parents.

Most nannies are required to have a driver’s license and a first aid/CPR training in order to watch children.

Nursing Assistant – Average pay $40,000 – $65,300/year

A nursing assistant plays an important role in health care because they have the most direct contact with patients while in care. Nursing assistant duties can include taking vital signs, bathing, feeding, clothing, changing bed, and keeping personal space clean for patient’s safety.

Requirements may include first aid/CPR and a certificate or license in the field.


Part time jobs in Columbus Ohio can mean that you are home more or you have more personal time while making about the same amount of money as if you had a 40-hour work week.

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