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The field of communications is very diverse and has been divided into several sectors. For instance, some employees are responsible for dispatching information or news over the radio or television and are generally referred to as reporters. Then, there are journalists or writers whose job is to document every piece of news and other necessary information on different platforms be it newspapers, magazines, or news channels. The sector also consists of equipment installers and operators and technicians. A person seeking a communication job in Chicago must read the following information so that you can evaluate the positives and negatives of this profession. Keep reading…

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Careers in the communication profession can be mechanical and innovative. Depending on the job title, the job qualifications may vary. For a telecommunication equipment technician and operator, minimum education is required but the applicant must have technical know-how regarding the mentioned job field. Similarly, candidates who tend to pursue writing as a career option should earn a bachelor’s degree in liberal arts, journalism, or telecommunication. Besides academics, the candidate should have good computer and typing skills and the capability of managing the work pressure and meeting the time limit.

Candidates applying for a job for the designation of a Reporter, editor, or telecaster must have an undergraduate degree in journalism, liberal arts, and communication, etc. In this profession, experience matters most as compared to education i.e. he/she should be competent and skilled in writing, computer handling, operating machinery and other technical equipment, etc.

Responsibilities of a Communications Worker

  • One of the most significant roles of a communication officer is to establish firm relations to elicit widespread media coverage.
  • He/she needs to regularly assess the media and communication schemes for the proficient running of the sector.
  • The communication worker is also responsible for not only managing the virtual communications but is also in charge of creating interesting content for the viewers that would be documented in magazines, newspapers, etc.
  • The communications worker is also in charge of creating a standard media budget.

Average Income of a Communications Worker in Chicago

The remuneration levels fluctuate based on the job title. According to the US Bureau of labour statistics 2018, the average salary of a maintenance technician is roughly $57,000 while the average annual pay of equipment or a line installer is around $59,000.

The average annual pay of employees of the publishing sector is $69000-$75000, depending upon the job title, be it an editor, writer, or author. The broadcasting individuals (reporters, telecasters) have an average pay of $55,350 each year.

Working in the communications sector can be a fun roller-coaster ride as an individual is always on his/her toes, running to and fro to meet the targets. Simultaneously, it is also a great platform for creative minds to enhance and nurture their talents and skills to become top-notch in this field of work. This is a profession that has no room for ineptness, so make use of this information if you’re seeking this career pathway.  

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