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Los Angeles County, officially referred to as the County of Los Angeles, is the largest county in the entire United States and, with over 10 million residents as of 2018, the largest non-state government entity in the entire country. Keep reading…

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The country spans over 4,000 square miles and encapsulates over 88 cities and many more municipalities, the most prominent of which are LA, West Hollywood, Pasadena, and Beverly Hills. It has a GDP of its own topping $700 billion annually, which is the third-highest GDP in the world. In short, Los Angeles County is an international powerhouse of economic activity. While it is impossible to cover the sheer breadth of employment across the county, we can make generalizations based on the prominent industries and average incomes in the area as well evaluate some of the most common positions available through the county entity itself.

LA Demographics

The economic makeup of Los Angeles County is quite similar to the city of Los Angeles, with the predominant industries being entertainment, manufacturing, and technology. The median household income is roughly $45,000 annually and the county experiences some of the harshest economic stratification in the country. The highest concentration of millionaires live in Los Angeles county with roughly 300,000 in the area but the county also has the highest homeless population in the country, with numbers topping 50,000. The cost of living in the area is simply so high that a substantial portion of the population are left out on the streets.

Major Employers

Some of the largest employers in LA County are Kaiser Permanente, Target, and various government and educational entities. Some of the largest companies income-wise are Disney, Google, Amazon, and Uber. Most upper-middle-class residents in the area work in the technological or entertainment industries in some capacity, while lower-income residents work in the service industry or manufacturing

Typical Positions

The County of Los Angeles is unique in the breadth of the duties it takes on, spanning 37 departments and playing a substantial role in issues of public health and infrastructure that most other counties tend to leave up to city governments. The majority of current job openings through Los Angeles County are concerned with public health or the carceral system in some capacity. For example, there are opportunities for doctors, nurses, and psychologists as well as public defenders and detention center officers. While the requirements for each of these positions varies greatly, even the lowest-level county employees make over $70,000 annually to start with many roles paying well over $100,000 annually.

Benefits and Reviews

Most of these positions do, however, demand several years of relevant work experience and the majority of upper-level administrative positions are appointed from within at the county level. This means county employees enjoy substantial benefits and salary in exchange for their loyalty, which is a recipe for high employee satisfaction ratings. While some have complaints about administrative structure and decisions, the overwhelming majority of LA County employee reviews are glowing.

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