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Working in San Diego has many perks. You have so many choices when it comes to employment. One choice is to work for the County of San Diego. County jobs are jobs that involve keeping the county going. Keep reading…

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About San Diego County Jobs

The county employs many people to do work that includes managing water and sewage, law enforcement, emergency medical assistance, and fire. County positions in San Diego are in demand and come with many perks.

Working for the County

Once hired, an employee from the county will have insurance, retirement, paid days off, holiday pay, and sick leave. They will also be offered insurance that is typically paid for through the county or at a discount. County jobs are not always easy to find because employees tend to stay at these jobs longer due to the many perks.

Types of Positions

County jobs are put in place in order to help the county function for the community.

Positions within the county include:

  • 911 dispatcher – Dispatches all emergency units to a location in need of assistance.
  • Fire, law, and ambulance – Answers calls for emergencies when they come in.
  • Emergency management – Handles emergencies within the county which may include assisting other agencies to ensure that community members are safe and protected. An example of emergency management would be to go on scene nearby a flooded area to offer support for emergency services. Emergency management would also assist in hurricane aftermath or forest fires that effect community homes.
  • Commissioner – Every county needs a commissioner to make decisions for the betterment of the community as a whole.
  • Assessor – An assessor keeps track of land parcels and personal property in states where taxes are charged each year. The assessor’s job is to ensure that properties are listed correctly.
  • Records – Those who manage the records department in the county courthouse is in charge of documenting correctly names and addresses of every citizen who lives there. They keep track of birth and death records in the courthouse as well as marriage and divorce records.
  • Health department – The health department is always vital in keeping the community safe. They offer the citizens health care, vaccines for immunity, and they also manage the healthcare in the schools. The health department is also responsible for any outbreaks of diseases and viruses that may overcome the county without their assistance. The health department employs doctors, nurses, and administration to keep the department functioning and ready for any event.

The hiring process for a county position is longer than the standard job process. Background checks must be done and there is typically more than one interview to ensure that they are hiring the right person for the job. You can find a county position through an online job board or through your local advertising agencies.


Working for the county is a great opportunity to be recognized for the work that you do. Some counties offer different perks that help peak interest of potential applicants. Once you secure a county position, you may find that you like it well enough to stay there until retirement.

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