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Dallas Community College was established in 1965 and remains one of the largest community college networks in the entire state of Texas. Spanning seven different campuses across the city of Dallas, Texas it serves over 80,000 students annually. DCCCD offers degrees in over 100 areas of study, including associates and technical degrees as well as one-year diplomas. Keep reading…

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One of its best features is its “open doors” admission policy that allows students who might not typically be able to pursue higher education to gain admission and get a degree. This includes decreased tuition for qualifying students as well as dual-credit opportunities for high school students hoping to earn college credit before they graduate. Dallas Community College employs roughly 3,500 academic staff and nearly 4,000 administrative staff.

Regardless of the educational path a student seeks, Dallas College is able to meet their needs. It offers a rigorous honors program that allows students to graduate with honors on their diploma and potentially transfer to a four-year university. The school was recently awarded millions of dollars in grants from the U.S. Department of Education to support its efforts to provide education and job opportunities to Latino students, particularly with regard to expanding the availability of apprenticeships and training. This demonstrates the high quality of the school as well as its commitment to serving students of all backgrounds.

Its academic staff consists of high skilled educational professionals and its administrative side is concerned with continually expanding access and better serving the needs of students and staff. Working at a community college is an excellent career path for academics and non-academics alike. On the academic side, community college teaching often ensures an educator has more time to themselves to focus on their own research or work outside of academia. Even at the adjunct level, community colleges tend to attract high quality teaching staff who might care more about assisting their students than the accolades that come with working for a high-powered research university.

Ultimately, a community college offers a lot more flexibility to its academic staff that permits them to spend their time however they prefer: educating, on their own research, or on their personal life. Administrative positions are similarly flexible at the community college level because they tend to be less wrapped up in the complexities of maintaining student housing and other aspects of student life and can focus instead on growth and enrichment programs that will better give students an opportunity for success after graduation.

Working at a community college, one is likely to find like-minded employees who care about their jobs and the students they serve but still have enough time and flexibility for their personal life or other endeavors.

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