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One of the hardest-hit sectors of the job market during the COVID-19 pandemic has been manual labor positions, such as manufacturing, production, construction, and trade industries that require employees to be physically present at their workplaces in order to complete their jobs. Texas was no different, losing nearly 200,000 jobs related to physical labor across all industries. Keep reading…

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As of September 2020, Texas jobs are seeing a slow but steady resurgence as employers seek to reopen and rehire the employees they had to let go. This is substantiated by the hundreds of job postings for a variety of manual laborer positions throughout the city of Dallas, Texas which has been quicker to return to work than most other cities across the United States and fared economically better than most other major cities in light of the pandemic related recession.

Common Jobs

Some of the most common laborer positions in Dallas are in warehouse or construction settings. Entry-level positions in these fields typically start at a wage of $15 hourly and include decent benefits packages for full-time workers. An applicant with sufficient prior work experience in the field is eligible for managerial positions in a warehouse or construction setting, which comes with not only better benefits in general but a salary closer to $20 hourly.

In addition to the production and construction industries, there is a high demand for technically licensed laborers in Dallas. These jobs are widely dispersed throughout a variety of companies that require mechanical technicians, electrical supervision, HVAC techs, and a variety of other more specialized jobs. While these positions require additional certification, the starting salary for each is usually around $20 hourly or higher.

Major Employers

Major manual laborer employers in Dallas, Texas include Lockheed Martin and Texas Instruments in the production industry, each with over 10,000 employees and a substantial proportion of those working in labor and production. Southwest Airlines is also a major Dallas employer with a large portion of its employees working in manual labor in some capacity or another, whether as a maintenance technician or air traffic guide on the tarmac. Finally, Weir Oil and Gas and XTO Energy are two major mining and energy companies in the Dallas area that supply a substantial proportion of laborer positions in the city.

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