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DC provides employments for its citizens, with an estimate of about 6% unemployed.  Each industry works selflessly to provide professional services to the residents. However, most of the jobs provided are done so by the government. Here are a few things to know about DC government jobs. Keep reading…

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About DC Government Jobs

DC government jobs are jobs provided by the government in DC.  Government jobs in DC are reliable and usually very stable. In DC, the most common jobs are the jobs provided by the government. This pleases quite a number of people who perceive government jobs as rewarding and beneficial. There are more residents you will find as government workers than others because the public sector is always hiring.

Job Titles and Responsibilities

Government job titles in DC are numerous but some include medicine, social work and education jobs, law and law enforcement security jobs, science and engineering jobs, administrative jobs, business, and technology jobs. Government job salaries depends on the kind of professional service offered. Government jobs in DC are group into three namely, local, state, and federal government jobs.

Local government jobs are jobs that allows you offer services within your local government. They include fire fighters, police officers, town inspectors, land surveyors, to name a few. State government jobs include social services, schoolteachers, engineers, record clerks, secretaries, purchasing managers, to name several. Federal government jobs include linguists, economists and so on.

Job Statistics

The income levels for all types of government jobs may vary but overall, government employees in DC earn between $50,000 to $300,000. The employment rates may sometimes increase or decrease by the number of jobs provided based on each sector. For those sectors that experience an increase, they may record an addition of 100 to 500 jobs, for those who experience a decrease they may record a loss of 100 to 1,400 jobs, and those who remain the same typically don’t experience any change. Generally, the government is always hiring. Because DC government jobs are highly competitive, the turnover rate has reduced from 16% to 13%.

Employee Reviews

While some employees are satisfied with their jobs, and the many benefits that come with them, others see it as stressful and taxing. When it comes to compensation, some employees are barely satisfied.


The public sector jobs require dedication and hard work, and they may be very taxing or demanding, but in the end, what matters most is that the majority who work from the government are quite satisfied.