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Whilst some people see summer as a fun-loving and adventurous season, others see it as the perfect time to  make money. Summer jobs are great for extra cash and experience. A lot of cities around the USA provide summer jobs for those in need. What about Summer jobs in DC? Keep reading…

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About DC Summer Jobs

Summer time is a great time to work and make that extra money before Christmas. They are seasonal jobs taken by people who may have been occupied during spring time. Summer jobs in DC are mostly temporary part-time  jobs that last for as long as the summer season. About 80% of those who look for summer jobs in DC are teens, high school students, college students, and undergrads combined. Choosing a summer job for some people is the perfect time to do what they love, and for others it is a time to find out what drives them and they’re passionate about.

Summer jobs in DC was originally designed to give youths a brief experience of what the labor marker is like. Also, summer jobs were put in place to principally support low-income earners. Summer jobs last for as long as 25 hours per week with a six to eight week duration. In DC, employees between 14 and 16 years of age are required to have a vacation permit before they can work during the summer.

Jobs and Responsibilities

Summer job titles vary from one responsibility to another, and most summer jobs offer non-professional services.  Some summer jobs include being a nanny, cleaner, summer camp instructor, golf caddie, retail person, food service workers, summer preschool teacher, driver, tutor, lifeguard, or baby sitter to name a few.

Job Statistics

Unemployment rates for those working summer jobs is about two times higher than the general unemployment rates in DC. Income levels of employees fall above the minimum wage but differ from state to state. Income levels also depend on the employer and nature of summer job.  In DC the average range of income level is about $10 to $20 per hour. Turnover rates are high, seeing that the nature of summer jobs are mostly temporary.

Employee Feedback

Employees are happy to add additional work experience to their resume and extra cash to meet their needs. While some Summer jobs can be taxing, others can create a fun experience for employees. 


DC has quite a few restrictions for certain age groups but this does not rid them of the opportunity to work during the summer. Most employees look forward to every summer season so they can gain experience and plan their future.