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Denver County, Colorado is the second-most populous municipality in the state with over 700,000 citizens and is the 22nd most populous municipality in the entire country. Thanks to the county’s economic strength, it has been steadily attracting new residents over the past decade. Keep reading…

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Although it continues to grow, the cost of living in Denver has caught up with the job market, making it slightly a less attractive place to live than other, less expensive areas in the United States. Colorado made the decision to incorporate the state and county governments, meaning they are essentially one and the same, save for a few questions of court jurisdiction. They are incorporated to the point where they even have the exact same website for the City and County of Denver.

City vs. County

The only major difference between the two comes down to how the city and county are referred to colloquially. When locals say the “City of Denver” they typically mean the concentrated, more metropolitan part of the municipality. The county, however, extends beyond that to include a number of adjacent populated areas, such as Bear Valley, Ruby Hill, Highland Park, University Park, and Wellshire, along with several others.

As a result of their similarities, the jobs for the City and County of Denver are practically identical, except for the small question of which jurisdiction they fall under.

County Job Types

The majority of correctional officers and employees are hired through the county. These positions can be anywhere from a correctional facility guard to a deputy director of corrections. Correctional positions typically require a successful completion of a six-month-long training program and, for upper-level positions, an associated degree.

Lower-level positions start out around $50,000 or more annually while higher-level administrative positions often make well over $90,000 annually. The only other type of Denver County job available to outside applicants are clerical positions with the courts. These positions require a law degree and typically have a salary of $60,000 or higher, depending on prior experience.

Most other positions at the county level are reliant on either election or internal appointment, meaning the City of Denver is generally a smoother route to employment.

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