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The Denver Health Medical Center was established over 150 years ago in 1860. It operates in Denver, Colorado in the Lincoln Park neighborhood as a teaching hospital affiliated with the University of Colorado, Denver and is a Level 1 Trauma Center, meaning it can provide the highest level of specialized trauma care. Keep reading…

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It is one of five total Level 1 centers in the entirety of Colorado. The hospital employs over 7,000 staff and boasts the statistic that over one-third of babies born in Denver were born there. In light of the pandemic, its focus has been on ensuring equitable care for all who need it and making the health and safety of their employees on the front line a priority.

All Types of Medical Jobs

There are a huge variety of jobs available to applicants at a medical center. Those requiring the least experience and certification are orderlies, certified nursing assistants, and paramedics. These jobs still require an extensive training program and, for paramedics in particular, a high degree of physical fitness. These jobs don’t pay badly either, averaging around $30,000 annually and setting entry-level applicants on a trajectory for growth.

Mid-level positions at a medical center are occupied primarily by nurses, pharmacists, phlebotomists, and a handful of non-medical clerical positions. Depending on the particular position, these require anywhere from two to six years for qualification and have starting incomes around $50,000 annually, but an experienced nurse or pharmacist can make well over $70,000. Higher up are physicians, surgeons, and advanced practice nurses.

All three typically make over $100,000, with surgeons and specialists sometimes doubling that number depending on their field. Finally, teaching hospitals like the Denver Health Medical Center are ripe with opportunities for medical students to learn and work, typically through residency programs or unpaid job shadow programs.

High Marks for Satisfaction

Medical professionals in general have a very high job satisfaction rate because the results of their work are evident in the ways they help people. As a result, employees rate their experience at Denver Health Medical Center very highly, several in particular giving their appreciation for the ways in which the center has cared for its employees during the pandemic.

Less experienced employees note that work-life balance is low in medical professions, but upper-level employees who typically have accrued benefits over the years, relay a positive account of their work-life balances.

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