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The best entry level jobs are those that can turn into careers, so choosing the right company to start with is essential. A larger company with the experience, upward potential, and systems in place to help you advance gives you the best opportunity to succeed. Amazon is one of the fastest growing companies in the U.S with over 800,000 employees and is rapidly expanding into new territories providing additional advancement opportunities. Keep reading…

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Amazon recently opened a new distribution center in Charlotte and plans to hire over 1,000 new employees to support this expansion. They have established their own minimum wage of $15 an hour for anyone who works for the company regardless of position, location, or if they are full time or part time employees. In addition to more than doubling the national minimum wage they also have several additional benefits provided while working for this corporate giant.


Amazon takes the health of their employees very seriously and offers insurance to all of their employees. They also provide additional financial incentives such as 50% match on 401k, stock options, and access to financial planning services. Unlike many companies Amazon begins these additional benefits days one after being hired.

What’s It Like

Starting as a warehouse team member you would be working in one of the most sophisticated warehouses in the US where you will help sort, package, and ship packages around the world. This job is fast paced and physically demanding, you will be required to move and lift items for most of your shift. Once you select your job, you get to select the shift schedule that you would prefer, which will be your set schedule moving forward. This is another advantage for working with Amazon as most entry level jobs do not provide a consistent schedule.

Another entry level position they provide is as a Prime Now Shopper. For this position you would be a personal shopper in a Whole Foods Store fulfilling orders for pick up or delivery. This has a flexible schedule and shifts are typically 4-5 hours long. Each location will work with you to design the best schedule for you. This job requires attention to detail, good customer service skills, and cleanliness as you are handling food and other personal items.


Some reviews from people who have worked at Amazon Fulfillment Centers say, “The amount of things you learn here at Amazon are virtually unlimited. I came off the street and learned so many things about warehouse work. Most importantly, I have the flexibility and work schedule that I want, and the benefits are out of this world.” Other reviews state that the benefits are great but that the job is both physically and mentally demanding. Being prepared for the fast pace and independence required by this job are essential to success.


Working for any company has pros and cons but going with a large company to get started on your career path is the best way to go. Amazon provides several amazing benefits to help their employees both professionally and personally. If you are a hard worker and have a good attitude Amazon may be the company for you.

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