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Entry level jobs in Washington DC are quite numerous, they provide the opportunity for employees to gain work experience and follow a career path. Keep reading…

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About DC Entry Level Jobs

Most entry level jobs offered to high school graduates in DC are part-time jobs and do not require experience in the field or profession of applicants unlike the entry jobs offered to fresh college graduates. Entry level jobs are essentially in place to assist and back up professionals. In DC most entry level jobs require learning on the job or on-site training to be able to achieve maximum productivity of employees. There are about 400 entry level jobs available in DC per month. Employees of entry level jobs can either work for the government or for private businesses.

Jobs and Responsibilities

Entry level employees might not be given a job with cumbersome responsibilities, in most cases they are provided with assisting jobs. Entry level workers can work in different sectors of the economy. College graduates in DC are given entry level jobs that require at least a year of experience; such jobs come with higher responsibilities. Entry level jobs in DC include associate data scientist, professor’s assistant, entry level accountant, entry level software developer, junior financial analyst, pharmacy material handlers, intelligence analyst, and brand associates to name all but a few.

Job Statistics

Washington DC is one of the most amazing cities for job opportunities. Over 60% of the population are employed, 30% of which are entry level jobs. This may sound encouraging yet about 41% of recent college graduates are unemployed.

The income level of entry level employee is dependent on the following factors:

  • If the employee is a high school graduate, he or she may earn less than a college graduate
  • For governmental entry level employees, they are likely to earn more with benefits than private entry level employees
  • There may be an increase in income level as the employee gains more experience.

On an average annual pay for an entry level job in Washington DC is $33,203 annually, this is approximately $15.96 an hour. Entry level jobs income range from about $33,000 to $100,000 per year. Turnover rates can be high because most employees work for the purpose of gaining experience. Once they have gained it, they may switch to a better and higher paying job.

Employee Reviews

Entry level job employees are mostly content. A lot of them feel it’s a start to their career so do not despise the early beginnings. A few of them are bothered due to a desire to earn more and live above their pay grade.


Entry level job employees are full of energy and a burning desire to move from lacking experience to becoming professionals, so they give a premium of energy and focus to their jobs.