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Finding an entry level job is not always easy to do. There are jobs out there but finding the one that you want to do can be tricky. You may be overwhelmed by the many choices you find with a simple search online for this type of work. If you are ready to find entry level jobs in Detroit, this article will help you determine the quickest way to search, where to look for a job at, and what you can expect from this type of position. Keep reading…

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Working pays the bills so It’s important to find a job that you want to do in order to make paying those bills that much easier. An entry level job can be found by following these tips below.

Job Search

Indeed.com has listed many entry level jobs in Detroit that are available. They update their list regularly so if it’s listed on indeed.com, it is most likely still available. You can create a profile, upload your resume, and apply all from your computer. You can also receive messages from potential employers through indeed.com.

Staffing Agencies

There are a few staffing agencies within the Detroit area that offer full time, part time, and temp entry level positions.

Here are a few to try:

With staffing agencies, they will help place you in a job that is not only available but meet your criteria for what you are looking for.

Search Online

Check Bing or Google for entry level jobs in Detroit will yield several searches that you can then narrow down your search and select the ones that are right for you.

Picking a Job

Once you are ready to begin your search for an entry level job, you will want to determine what qualifies as the right job for you. It may be benefits that you are after, such as insurance. Maybe you need better health coverage, or you want to insure your family. You may want a job that pays more than what you are getting now. You may also want to find a job that may be closer to your home or require less hours.

Once you find an entry level job that you want, you will want to find reviews of that company that you are interested in. Read the reviews to determine if that company offers everything you want. It’s important that you don’t base your decision to take a job or don’t take a job based on reviews alone.


Once you find the right entry-level job that you are interested in, apply using an updated resume and check your emails and messages often to ensure that you are responding quickly to any potential offers or questions from potential employers.

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