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Working in the fashion industry is a diverse experience. Since the industry as vast, there are a range of jobs that one can have related to fashion. Since NYC is full of brands and celebrities, the fashion industry is always striving. Here is all you need to know about fashion jobs in NYC. Keep reading…

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About NYC Fashion Jobs

Regardless of the field of fashion that you work in, experience is important in the fashion industry. Most employers will prefer you over others if you have some experience working at a design studio or even in retail. Getting a job in retail is the easiest way to enter the fashion job industry in NYC, especially since most retail stores are always hiring new people for new stores. One can easily find work opportunities on company websites as well as career service agencies.

Common Prerequisites

Getting a job in the vast world of fashion is not simple. There are many skills that an employer will require as a prerequisite to getting the job.

Most of these skills can be learnt while you pursue a degree in textile or fashion, including:

  • Art and Graphic Design
  • Drawing
  • Pattern Cutting and Decorating
  • Basics of Sewing and Tailoring
  • Using IT in Fashion Design
  • Sense of Aesthetic
  • Following Current Trends

Transferable skills such as communication skills, ability to conduct detailed research, and knowing how to work in a team are also particularly important to gain a high-paying job in the fashion industry. Since many people in NYC are interested in fashion jobs, it is necessary to make your CV intriguing for employers by displaying your best abilities.

Typical Positions

After getting a degree in any field of arts, you can consider the following fashion jobs in NYC:

  • Fashion Designer
  • Retail Buyer/Manager
  • Professional Stylist
  • Textile Designer
  • Clothing Technologist

Apart from these job titles, there are many others that are also closely related to fashion. This could include jewelry designing, makeup artist, event management, or even working at a talent agency for magazines or models. People who wish to work in the fashion industry but do not want to continue with art and design often opt for managerial or administrative roles such as sales, marketing, and PR.

Job Statistics

In NYC, the fashion industry is well-paid. The lowest 10% of people who worked in fashion had an annual income of $33,000 while the top 10% earned above $120,000. The reason why this range has a massive difference is due to the level of expertise of the individual and the brand name of the company that they work for. According to these statistics, it can be inferred that one can grow their income substantially by working in fashion.


A majority of people who pursue a university degree in fashion design or art are passionate about making their way to the fashion industry. While it is difficult to get a high-paying job when you start off, it becomes easier to achieve better opportunities at bigger fashion brands as you grow in the field.

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