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Working in the film industry has an experience of its own. No matter where you work and which kind of field you are inclined towards, the kind of things you get to witness while working in a film job are unprecedented. We see something on our screens, and we find it so unreal at times, questioning ourselves how could they possibly do that in real life? Working in the film industry and doing a job related to that makes you witness everything that goes behind the screen. Keep reading…

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About NYC Film Jobs

The film industry lets you express yourself in many different ways. These nine to five jobs get so boring at times, but in this field, you are always aiming for something new, something more creative. There are many forms of art involved in this field. There is costume designing, there are graphics, makeup, scripts, etc. This shows the many different ways one can express his or her creativeness when it comes to jobs in this field.

Apart from all this, if you were a part, or played even the smallest role in the making of a film, it is very rewarding once you see the final product of your hard work on screen. Every time you watch that movie or see its trailer, you will always be reminded of the experience you got, the hard work and challenges you came across, and how you, along with your team got something so big to happen.

Local Market

When it comes to New York, there is no other film industry that can match the greatness of the film industry of New York. New York has a multi billion dollar film industry, so now, you can imagine how high the employment opportunities are. This city is home to some of the most popular and world-known studios, like Disney, Warner Bros, etc.

Example Positions

You can find all kinds of jobs in New York in the film industry alone, like contractual, project-based, or even full time.

Following are some film jobs you can find in New York:

  • Production assistant
  • Lead production assistant
  • Senior Film Producer
  • Cinematographer
  • Photographer
  • Film Intern
  • Production Assistant at HBO
  • Development and Production Intern
  • Producer
  • Video production intern
  • Video intern
  • Line producer
  • Director of photography
  • Production manager
  • Screenwriter
  • Scriptwriter
  • Junior cameraman
  • Live technical producer
  • Studio crew
  • Associate producer
  • On-Air talent producer
  • Freelance video editor
  • Videographer
  • Special effects makeup artist

Employee Feedback

Those who have had the privilege of working in the film industry of New York found the overall experience extremely rewarding. While the pay and other benefits were great, the whole experience and knowledge were very helpful for the future too.


Working in the film industry especially in New York will bring a huge difference in your experience. Your resume will have a great impact and more gates will open for you, filled with new, challenging, and exciting opportunities. So, apply for a film job in New York now and try your luck.

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