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The field of finance is incredibly broad and can cover a very wide variety of positions within different industries. While a degree in business, accounting, economics or finance is a good and often required starting point, the direction taken from there can depend on preferences, experience and what you as an applicant or prospective future employee would most like to get out of your position in finance. Keep reading…

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The most well-known field of finance is corporate finance, where the employees work for a company with a view to securing and managing all the capital needed to run the actual business. They are also responsible for minimizing financial risk and expanding the corporate value as much as possible for the company.

Banking, Insurance & Accounting

Up next is commercial and investment banking, two similar positions but each requiring slightly different experience and preparation. Commercial banking primarily involved providing banking services to the general population whether that is in a small local corporation or a very big institution. Jobs can range from bank tellers to branch managers. Investment banking on the other hand usually involve higher skill and higher paid positions dealing with stock markets and securities and could see your working at trading desks or taking on a financial analyst position.

If you are interested in specifically helping companies or individuals protect themselves against risk, then a job in the insurance sector might be for you. These positions mostly involve calculating and quantifying the monetary value of various types of risk, then putting forward a plan for the most appropriate insurance in each situation. Jobs in this field start within the sales representative and customer service domain and can move up and into supervisory and managerial positions.

Finally, accounting is a well-known area in finance which a lot of people specialize in. Accounting often requires specific certifications, alongside a related degree and it can involve a lot of work, striking a balance between work experience and theoretical knowledge to reach a position of success. At an entry level, junior accountants can be responsible for preparing statements and invoices, recording transactions and dealing with tax returns. But there is a clear progression path for positions in accounting and a lot of room to take on supervisory, managerial and even consultancy positions, provided you have the requisite knowledge and experience.

Finance Career Progression

Generally speaking, progression in most jobs within the financial sector is a straightforward move from entry level to junior then on to senior and managerial, whether that means managing the branch of a bank or a team of accountants or finance officers. Alternatives to managerial roles are primarily consultancy services where you may be able to own your own firm or consultancy service and work on a freelance or contracted basis with various individuals or businesses, rather than working directly in-house.

Dallas Finance Employers

The top five best known and reportedly nicest finance companies to work for in Dallas include:

  • Orix USA
  • Santander Consumer USA
  • Comerica
  • MoneyGram International
  • PlainsCapital Bank

With as many as 2000 jobs available across the board in Dallas alone, the supply of finance jobs definitely rises to meet the demand. The jobs listed below are just several the greater total, but they provide a very good starting point.

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