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Fort Worth Texas is growing in a faster rate than other popular cities in the United States. This part of the world offers scenic views, great neighborhoods to live in, and a history that is rich in so many things including culture and arts. Keep reading…

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About Fort Worth City Jobs

Businesses thrive and education is earned. If you are moving to Fort Worth, you will enjoy the metropolitan type city offered while enjoying the simplicity of the overall residential experience. It takes several positions to keep the city of Fort Worth working as it does and when one position is open, it adds more onto those who are already working until that position is filled.

Working for the city of Fort Worth brings a welcome package to those who may not currently have or are looking for better insurance, retirement plans, and other benefits. Full time city employees are able to take advantage of all these perks plus time off including vacation and sick. Holiday pay, and more.

City Positions

City positions are divided into departments:

  • Public Safety – law enforcement officers, sheriff, deputy sheriff
  • Public Transportation – Public bus, train, subway
  • Emergency Assistance – 911 dispatch, fire department, emergency medical services
  • Utility – Providing water and other basic utilities to those within a certain limit
  • Public Health – Registered nurse, licensed practical nurse, nurse assistant
  • Tax department – oversee taxes on property and accept payment of taxes

Employee Experience

Location 200 Texas Street Lower Lobby, Fort Worth, Texas 76102

Out of 295 reviews from former and current employees, the city of Fort Worth rated 3.6 -stars. Many reviewers had good things to say about the city and the work environment. They were also pleased with the way that if you applied yourself as an employee, you learned and improved with your position. Employees were also somewhat satisfied with the home/work balance.

Cons mentioned by employees is that pay is average and there is always a worry about the budget for the year, which coincidentally pays salaries for city employees. Another issue with city jobs is that it is normally a long process in order to get hired. There is the initial interview, normally followed by one or two more interviews, a background check, and additional steps recommended by the supervisor before you are finally hired. Because it is a city job, it’s easy to get involved in political discussions as well.


When you work for the city, you are rewarded for the hard work that you put into your job. You may want a different position in the city however, if you can find one that you like to start with, you can work your way up to the job you want to make a long-term commitment to.

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