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Established in 1998 by two Stanford Ph.D. students, Google is one of the world’s largest technological conglomerates and one of the United States’ “Big Five” technology companies, ranking alongside the likes of Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, and Apple. While Google is now a part of the larger umbrella company of Alphabet Inc, it remains the most prominent of all Alphabet’s assets, generating tens of billions of dollars annually from its huge variety of technological services. Keep reading…

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About Los Angeles Google Jobs

Google is best known as a search engine, but it also encapsulates the services like Google Docs, Google Drive, Google Translate, its own line of technological products, in-home AI assistants, and so much more. It was established in California so retains its primary headquarters in the state, one of which is located in Los Angeles near Venice Beach. Google is also known for innovating the “work-play” office environment that characterizes much of Silicon Valley – their motto is “boardshorts instead of boardrooms” and they strive to provide a multifaceted work environment to their employees across all of their campuses, including gym facilities, restaurants, and gourmet coffee bars.

Roles & Requirements

At present, there are nearly 60 job openings for Google’s Los Angeles location and the vetting process for each position is infamously rigorous. Hiring managers reportedly can receive tens of thousands of applications for every position, so working for Google is a clear marker of success among software engineers and developers.

The majority of their open positions are for engineering and development roles, most of which are open to current computer science students hoping to become interns at the company for a semester. Interns are required to demonstrate coding proficiency in a variety of coding languages and receive an average stipend of $7,500 for their time, which is spent writing web-based code for Google’s various applications.

For permanent software engineering positions, Google typically requires at least five years of experience. These jobs pay well over $150,000 annually and usually closer to $200,000, especially for the Los Angeles location. Other prominent departments through Google are their sales and marketing department, which also hire interns in a similar fashion and demand equivalent experience for their marketing teams, usually on the order of 3-5 years. A marketing role at Google often starts out at $100,000 or slightly above and can climb well above $150,000 annually.

Employee Feedback

Given the overwhelmingly high employee reviews of the company, it is clear that Google’s efforts to make their Los Angeles work environment both fun and productive have proved successful. Employees report enjoying the company culture and generally getting along well with their peers. The nature of a software development position also allows Google employees to be largely self-motivated in completing projects which correlates with a very positive work-life balance and high overall rates of job satisfaction.

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