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The Federal Government is made up of many different departments, and some of those departments are, for example, the Department of Agriculture, Commerce, and Defense. There are also a few Departments that are focusing on the improvement of the Educational system and the system of Justice. Many other Departments are creating the Federal Government, and in each of these Government Department, you can find different open positions. Keep reading…

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Some of the currently open positions for Government jobs in Boston, Massachusetts are Human Resources Assistant (Military) for the US Department of Army, Program Specialist (Project Manager) for US Department of Homeland Security, Special Agent for Federal Bureau of Investigation. And some Government Departments are looking for several profiles, such as the US Department of Homeland Security, looking for a Program Specialist (Project Manager) but also Environmental Protection Specialist. 

The United States federal government has a huge number of open positions every year, and, as you can see, there is also a wide specter of different positions for government jobs in Boston, Massachusetts. But that is completely understandable, giving that there are so many public government institutions in the state. 


Regarding the salary of the Government Jobs in Boston, Massachusetts, we must mention that the average salary is around $44,000 but, depending on the specific field, specific area, you can find different amounts. For example, if you are looking for a job in a public school, as a teacher you can expect a salary of about $75,300. The salary for the police officers is up to $93,700, and the salary in the Army goes up to $115,600 per year. Besides good salaries, the US federal government also provides many other benefits.

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If you decide to apply for any government job in Boston Massachusetts, you must know that you need to follow a few necessary steps. First of all, you need to create a USAJOBS account/profile, then you need to review search results. You need to prepare your application in USAJOBS and after that- you can apply for a selected job or, if you prefer, jobs. Then, you need to complete any agency required steps and the last thing that you need to do is to check out your application status on USAJOBS. 

You should keep in your mind that even dough many government job positions are coming up every day, there is also a big competition- so many people compete for the same job every day. That’s why our advice to you is to pay attention and give your best by filling out the forms we’ve mentioned. Of course, you should know that you must have a certain level of education. 


Most of the positions demand high, specialized education. Government jobs are usually perceived as the ones that are providing good conditions and a very decent salary. There is a wide range of different government job positions, and with good education and qualifications, you can probably find the one that suits you. 

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