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The State of North Carolina is unsurprisingly the largest employer in the state with over 80,000 employees. They are also one of the most diverse employers and they strive to provide a healthy work/life balance for their employees. As a government employee benefits include being a part of the state health plan, promotional priority, and vacation and holiday leave. Salaries range depending on the job and skill level required for the position but are typically competitive. Keep reading…

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Working for the State of North Carolina as a Probation/Parole Officer in Charlotte could be a very rewarding position for the right person with the right skills and training. The pay ranges from $34,125 – $41,938 to start depending on your education and experience. As a parole officer you will be responsible for creating management plans to help provide the best chance for parolees to succeed. This requires working both individually and as a team, learning from others the best management systems for specific issues.


Prior to being hired as a Parole Officer you will need to pass a drug, background, and psychological test to make sure that you are fit for the job. In addition, the job requires that you be comfortable operating a gun, learning a variety of computer systems, and obtain a bachelor’s degree in a related field. Finally, once hired you will be required to attend a 5-week training program where you will stay onsite and receive the additional certifications necessary for the job.


Reviews from parole officers state that it is a great place to work with people that they enjoyed working with. They said that the situations can be stressful but that they work alongside other agencies to complete their tasks. Other reviews also state that the job can be stressful and is hard work, but many found it to be personally fulfilling as they get to help someone who is struggling reenter society as a healthy and productive individual.


Working for the state is a great opportunity to get into a career that will be beneficial and rewarding for a long time. It can be a little difficult to get hired as a lot of people are applying but once you get in you have a lot of upward potential and a relatively secure job. As a parole officer you can work to help others while also keeping your community safe. If you retire from a position with the State of North Carolina, you will be eligible for continued health benefits along with optional dental and vision insurance. This career can be a start at a great life with a fulfilling career and great long-term benefits.

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