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Working for the government of Detroit gives you the opportunity to be a part of the modern Detroit that was built from the history that runs deep within. Be a part of the culture, the people that make up Detroit, and work with others who work for one goal. Keep reading…

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About Detroit Government Jobs

There are over eight thousand employees working for the businesses and the residents of Detroit today. Each employee makes a difference in the future of Detroit. With a government job, you can now enjoy the complete life of a true Detroit resident; live, work, and play in the one place that is most important to you.

Job Search

Online – If you don’t have a computer at home, you can go to to find a link of public libraries that will have internet access for you. Applying online will require that you go to the website at and create your own personal account. Once you are logged in, you will be able to see what positions are available and apply for any position that meets your needs or you are able to apply for.

Once you are online and your account has been created, you can view the progress of your application, upload a different resume, apply, or delete your application to a position.

Staffing agencies – when you feel overwhelmed in a job search, there is always another way. A staffing agency will be able to help you apply for positions that they have available. In most cases, they will also have government jobs available too.

Government Benefits

When you work for the government of Detroit, you will have access to many benefits that make working for the government worthwhile.

These benefits include:

  • Insurance – Instead of paying hundreds of dollars to go to a doctor, you will only have a co-pay to pay for which is normally between $20 and $75 per visit, depending on whether your doctor is a general doctor of a specialist.
  • Vision and Dental Coverage – Get your eyes checked once a year and your teeth cleaned once a year as well.
  • Paid Days Off – whether it is for vacation, sick days, or holidays, you can take time when you need it.
  • Overtime Pay – if you work over, you should get paid for it.
  • 401(k) savings


When you land a government job, you are going to enjoy the benefits that go with it. You will enjoy knowing that you work for the same city that you raise your children in, and they attend school. You are part of community on both sides.

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